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Message from the Principals 1/20/2023

Good morning, Hope community!

Today's topics:

1: Important reminders

2: Feb 6-9 Open School schedule

3: Curriculum Focus: Safeguarding at Hope

4: Class Highlight: Grade 8 & HS Field Trip:

5: House Points

6: Photos of the week!

1: Important Reminders

  • Club Registration will close today! Last chance to sign up!

    • Clubs start from Monday, Jan 30th

  • Families will be directly contacted about LEAP in February.

  • Feb 7 is our OPEN SCHOOL

  • February 20th is "President's Day" - NO SCHOOL

  • The Parent Workshop (originally scheduled for Feb 23) will be rescheduled in March.

2: Feb 7 Open School (8:30-11:30)

This schedule was changed from the plan shared last week. We have decided to open for the whole school for anyone to visit.

Families can visit any class of their choice. Please feel free to use any parking available at the Hope campus. We kindly ask that visitors stay in one location no longer than 30 minutes.

  • Hope families will receive a Google Calendar Invite.

  • Non-Hope families can sign up here.

3: Curriculum Focus: Safeguarding at Hope

Hope Safeguarding Policy Goal: “To help Hope students be and feel safe.”

Before the start of each year, Hope staff undergo an in-house training course on our school’s Safeguarding Policy (click here for the school’s current safeguarding policy.)

This school year, we also enrolled all teachers in the TES Online Safeguarding Workshop (click here for more information about TES.) This course provides attendees with all the latest practices in school safeguarding and ensures that we align with current best practices and international standards.

On top of staff training, students have also been given grade-appropriate safeguarding training from our designated Child Safety Officer: Brian Bates. As one final step to help Hope students be and feel safe, we would like to ask that you as a family also talk with your child about safeguarding. Please feel free to use the slides linked here as a guide.

4: Class Highlight: Grade 8 & HS Field Trip:

During the Knowledge Harvest field trip at the Former Navy Underground Base, students learned a lot and was able to answer the questions they formulated previously. Each student cooperated and collaborated with each other, especially during the reflection activity after the trip. All students understood that each action has a monumental impact on others. (Photos are below!)

5: House Points

Hydra - 2447

Basilisk - 2493

Dragon - 2691

Phoenix - 2901

6: Photos of the week!

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