After School Clubs

Opportunities for every interest!


Cultural Dance Club

Students learn and perform traditional dances from cultures around the world!


Students have the freedom to design and create almost anything!  Using our tools, materials, and 3D printer, the students have the opportunity to create their dreams!

Sports Club

Learning and Playing a variety of sports and activities to stay healthy and have fun!


Science Club

Learn more about the world around us and how things interact.  
In this photo they are watching acid-based reactions.

Student Council

Learning Goals:  

  • Leadership Ability: Developing personal responsibility and self-discipline through IPC/IMYC Personal Learning Goals.

  • Strategic Thinking: Improve the ability to see the big picture in different perspectives, and within different views of governance.

  • Developing Leadership Presence: Developing communication skills, presence and poise with integrity to the core values of the school.  Practicing proper behavior in listening and speaking amongst each other.

School Publications

  • Gather, analyze, and ethically share news about school and contemporary issues for print and other media

  • Write and edit clear, grammatically correct articles

  • Analyze facts and data and utilize it for multi-layered storytelling

  • Use varied visual aids / representation to tell stories.

  • Demonstrate awareness of and produce work with diverse groups and perspectives on local, national, and international issues

  • Demonstrate an awareness of journalism as an ethical practice

  • Be creative in applying elements of layout and design.


Programming & Robotics

Students build, program, and interact with Robots and various levels of coding.

Glee Club

Students learn singing techniques and perform fun songs!

Pastry Club

Students experience making pastries from around the world and enjoy them the next day during lunch time!