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  • The IPC/IMYC is a comprehensive, thematic, international curriculum with a clear process of learning and specific learning goals for every subject. The IPC/IMYC provides flexible units that are adapted to ensure rigorous learning for all students' level of understanding. The subjects are structured within a theme or Big Idea as “independent yet interdependent,” encouraging collaboration, understanding, and reflection through subject connections. The IPC/IMYC also develops international mindedness and supports the holistic development of the child through personal learning goals.

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English Language Arts

Hope International Academy is an English immersion school providing all learners with language support and development. English is used in all aspects of school life to gain a deep understanding of the language and develop strong communication skills.


Singapore Maths

  • is very rigorous and relevant.

  • emphasizes the integration of concepts and skills.

  • creates a strong foundation in maths.

  • has the core components adopted – the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach in the presentation of mathematical concepts, skills, and problem-solving strategies.

  • incorporates the same approach throughout grade-levels – beginning with concrete, then to pictorial, then to abstract.

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