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InterDivision Tuition Fees 2024-25

One day trial 1日体験料:

¥ 5,500

Lunch Fee 給食:

¥ 8,800 (Monthly / Optional / per child)

Facility fee 施設利用料:

¥11,000 (Annual Fee / per child)

Technology Fee 教材システム料:

¥ 44,000 (Annual Fee / per child)

Material Fee 教材費:

¥ 66,000 (Annual Fee / per child)

Monthly Tuition 授業料:

¥ 88,000 (1st child) Discount not available for H.S.

¥66,000 (2nd child) (all siblings if more than 2 children) 

Enrollment Fee 入学金:

¥ 88,000 (1st child)

¥44,000 (2nd child) (all siblings if more than 2 children)

Examination Fee 入学考査料 (受験料)

¥ 11,000 (per child)

Application Fee 入学申請料:

¥ 22,000 (per child)

**Material / Tech / Facility can be paid in 3 months installment

*Requires an interview with the School Principals after submission of the application form  



NOTE:  We do not authorize refunds for the following fees:  


・入学申込料 Application

・入学試験料 Examination

・入学金 Enrollment

・教材料 Material

・教材システム料 Technology

・施設利用料 Facility


All monthly payments must be made by the 20th (of the month prior).  

Tuition fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change. All fees are quoted in Japanese Yen.

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