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Middle School - (IMYC)

Embark on a transformative educational journey at Hope International Academy with the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC). Designed to meet the unique needs of adolescents, the IMYC is not just a curriculum; it's a roadmap to holistic development.

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At our school, the IMYC is more than a set of lessons; it's a dynamic framework that shapes every aspect of the learning experience. The IMYC goes beyond traditional subjects, fostering interdisciplinary connections and personal learning that mirror the complexity of the real world.


Our commitment to the IMYC ensures that students don't merely memorize facts; they explore, question, and connect knowledge in meaningful ways. Through thematic units, students delve into "big ideas," igniting a passion for learning that extends far beyond the classroom.

Meaningful Learning

One of the strengths of the IMYC is its emphasis on personal and international-mindedness development. Students not only understand their place in the world but also cultivate empathy, cultural awareness, and a sense of responsibility.


As students progress through the IMYC, they are not just accumulating knowledge; they are developing essential skills — critical thinking, communication, and collaboration — preparing them for the challenges of the future.

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