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Message from the Principals 1/6/2022

Happy New Year!!

Welcome back Hope Community! Today we will share the following:

  1. Important Reminders

  2. Semester 2 Clubs

  3. New Staff Introduction!

  4. Semester 2 New Schedule

  5. Photos!!

1: Important Reminders:

  • Open School will be the week of Feb 6-10. The schedule for visitation will be shared in the blog next week.

  • Please help ensure all students bring a Hat, indoor shoes, outdoor shoes, and their water bottle (filled with water).

2: Semester 2 Clubs

This Semester we have a few new clubs!

There are a few important points to note:

Soccer club will be organized by the "Brazilian Soccer Club" and is twice a week.

  • Please Register for Soccer by clicking THIS LINK

    • G1-5 is Tues & Thurs.

    • G6-11 is Mon & Wed

      • G6-11 can choose to attend once a week or twice a week.

    • The club fee is 10,000yen per month

      • If G6-11 and attending once a week - 5000yen per month

    • Payment will be made directly to the Soccer Teachers each month.

    • Any questions about payment should be directed to the Soccer teacher

Karate Club is organized and run by Sandro Sensei from Ryuibukan Academy

  • Please Register for Karate by clicking THIS LINK.

    • The fee is 1,500yen per week. The payment will be made directly to the Karate teacher each month. The total each month may change due to the number of lessons that month (due to holidays, etc)

    • Any questions about payment should be directed to the Karate teacher.

The following clubs can be registered HERE.

  • Origami Club - 16,000yen for 16 classes

  • MakerSpace - 21,000yen for 14 classes

  • Reading - 16,000yen for 16 classes

  • Art - 16,800yen for 14 classes

  • School Publications & Student Council are Free

  • All clubs are from 3:05-3:50. Students can still attend clubs if they are bus riders.

  • NOTE: Club Registration closes Jan 20th.

    • Clubs start from Jan 30th.

Club Schedule:

Monday: G1-3 Karate / G6-11 School Publication / G6-11 Soccer

Tuesday: G1-6 Origami / G1-5 Soccer

Wednesday: Student Council / G6-11 Soccer

Thursday: G1-4 Reading / G1-5 Soccer / G4-11 Karate / G6-11 School Publications

Friday: G1-4 Art / G1-11 MakerSpace / Student Council

3: New Staff Introduction! We are happy to welcome Ms. Rebecca to our school community!

Ms. Rebecca is originally from the UK and will be teaching "Health and Wellbeing" classes once a week to each grade. She will be assisting in other areas of the school as well. Please join me in welcoming her to our school!

"Hello! My name is Rebecca Panza and I was born and raised in Essex, England. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Before coming to Okinawa I taught Physical Education and Health and Social Care at a Secondary school in London for five years. My goal is to support students throughout their learning journey to become holistic, educated, mindful and passionate individuals. During my free time I like to exercise, explore the amazing world we live in and try new things outside of my comfort zone."

4: Semester 2 New Schedule

We have slightly adjusted the daily class schedule for Semester 2.

  • Ms. Rebecca's Health and Wellbeing class has been added to take the place of some of the Japanese classes.

  • PE has been split into 2 classes a week. We have ensured that there is at least one day between the PE classes so that families have the opportunity to wash the clothes and not require additional PE uniforms.

The class schedule will be sent out by homeroom teachers early next week. The new schedule will start from Jan 16th.

5: Photos!!

This week we have a lot of photos, from the Sports Day, Holiday Parties, Class learning, and more!

We also want to thank all the parents that attended our Sports Day in December! We hope you enjoyed the event!!

Current House Total Points:

Hydra - 2289

Basilisk - 2320

Dragon - 2461

Phoenix - 2666

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