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Message from the Principals 2/9/2024

Good morning, Hope Community!

Today's Topics:

  1. Important Reminders

  2. Curriculum Focus - Accreditation!

  3. Learning Highlight

  4. House Points

  5. Photos of the week!

Important Reminders!

  • Feb 12 - Open School (Details shared last week)

  • Feb 19 - Presidents Day (NO SCHOOL)

  • Mar 15 - Hope Family Day

  • Mar 22 - Student-Lead Parent/Teacher Conferences - NO CLASSES (More information to come soon!)

  • Mar 22 - Parent Workshop: Hope High School Program/College and Careers Guidance

Curriculum Focus - Accreditation!

We are very proud to announce that we have received full Accreditation for our implementation of the IPC and IMYC Curriculums. The process involved a lengthy self-review, then a visit from the accreditation team that included interviews, classroom observations, and a full review of our policies and documentation.

This week we received the notification of our success. Mr. Brian and I wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to our staff, parents, students, and wider community. This could not have been achieved without everyone's help and trust. We have worked hard for 5 years to build our school into a place that is welcoming, safe, fun, and achieves a high level of learning & student engagement.

Please check our social media to see the posts from the Accrediting organization: ICA.

Learning Highlight - 5-year-old Prep Class

Starting in August 2024, we will be opening a new class in the InterDivision Building. The IPC curriculum actually begins from 5 years old, called "year 1" in British standards. This allows all learning goals to be assessed over 2 years called "mileposts". To better achieve our curriculum's full potential, we will implement a new "Prep Class". We decided to call it the Prep class, so it won't be confused with the kindergarten.

Please see these new pages for details!

House Points

Dragon: 4356 ➜ 4559

Phoenix: 4235 ➜ 4422

Basilisk: 3826➜ 3966

Hydra: 3546➜ 3730


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