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Message from the Principals 4/26/2024

Good morning, Hope Community!

1 - Important Reminders

2 - Curriculum Focus - Experiential and Active

3 - Learning Highlight - International Cultural Day (May 25)

4 - House Points

5 - Photos of the week!

Important Reminders:

  • 2024-25 ReEnrollment Form

  • Summer school registration is OPEN (deadline June 2!!)

  • April 29 - Open School

    • Session One: 08:30-10:00

    • Session Two: 10:10-11:30

      • We will have the school’s MultiPurpose Room (301) set up for parents to come and meet with other families

      • The room will be open from 08:00 to 11:30

      • (Parents will be asked to wait in the MPR till 08:30)

    • The school will provide drinks.

      • The Student Council will be selling foods and snacks as a fundraiser to purchase more in-school technology / devices.

  • May 2 & 3 - Golden Week (NO SCHOOL)

  • May 24 - Celebration of Learning / International Cultural Day

  • May 27 - Memorial Day (NO SCHOOL)

  • May 28 - Teacher's workday to prepare report cards (NO SCHOOL)

  • STUDENT ID's - we can provide a student ID upon request.

Curriculum Focus - Experiential and Active

Over the last few blogs, we have been sharing information about the types of pedagogies that inform the IPC and the IMYC. The four areas referred to as the “Progressive Pedagogies” are:

With these posts, we have had the opportunity to dig deeper into the meaning and context of “metacognition”, “constructivism” and brain-based and how they are used to support students at Hope.

This Curriculum Focus will explore the final of these four areas - experiential and active learning. In terms of the IPC and IMYC, as we’ve explored when discussing “brain-based” learning, connections are strengthened when learning is relevant and has meaning to the students. By making sure that learning is relevant, students are more likely to be more engaged, interested and curious. Through classroom activities that are active and cyclical, students have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, to further their skills, and to deepen their understanding.

Hope teachers are constantly facilitating learning opportunities that provide experiential learning - whether this be through interactions with guest speakers, field trips, community projects, or a wide variety of hands-on learning tasks within the classroom. By putting the learning into a real-world context through these interactions, students are strengthening their neural connections.

Teachers at Hope also consistently reflect on their lesson plans and evaluate suggested tasks to ensure that they meet the needs of their students. They plan for lessons that will allow students to demonstrate agency, while ensuring the task is accessible, relevant and appropriately challenging. By ensuring that tasks are challenging and accessible, teachers are providing the opportunity for the students to reach a state of natural “flow” with their learning - a state of intrinsic motivation.

Learning Highlight - International Cultural Day

Since January, classes have been planning and practicing for their International Cultural Day performance. Each class was tasked with researching and deciding on a performance that highlights another culture around the world. The classes have selected a wide variety of cultural presentations, from traditional dances, fashion shows, Jazz chats, and more!

Grades 4-12 are also practicing the Okinawa Eisa dance. The Ryukyu Kajimaya group has again volunteered to teach our students the traditional dances. We are very thankful to them for their support!!

Here's a short video from last week's rehearsal - a sneak peek at the upcoming International Cultural Day performance on May 24th!

House Points

Dragon: 5375 ➜ 5668

Phoenix: 5357 ➜ 5654

Basilisk:  4752 ➜ 5121

Hydra: 4686 ➜ 5010

Photos of the week!

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