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Message from the Principals 1/27/2023

Hello everyone! Today's points: 1: Important Reminders

2: July Revision Weeks

3: Curriculum Focus: Mission & Vision

4: Class Highlight

5: Photos of the week!

1: Important Reminders

  • Clubs begin next week! If you are in soccer club, please make sure to read the email sent by the Club leader earlier this week.

  • Global Play Day - Feb 1st

    • We are in the age of increased screen time because of the emerging technologies that our lives are exposed to. This two-hour event will allow students to play non-electronic, unstructured games while practicing being a thinker, ethical, and respectful of each other’s choices. Students may bring in non-screen games to play!

  • Open School - Feb 7th (8:30-11:30)

    • Non-Hope families can complete this form to join!

  • Valentine's Day - Feb 14th.

    • Students can wear red/pink/white clothes to celebrate the day.

    • Students may bring candy / chocolates, but it must be for the whole class. The candy must be wrapped, and it must be consumed at home.

  • Hope Family Day - March 17th (13:00-15:00)

    • Please complete this form before March 10th so we can better prepare.

  • Parent workshop will be held in March - date to be shared soon!

2: July Revision Weeks

On the yearly school calendar, June 27 is labeled as the last day of school. Then marked in orange is our school “Revision Weeks.” Running from July 3 to July 14, as families you can expect the following to happen during revision weeks:

1. Main Focus: Academic Revision

  • Hope Students who attend the revision weeks will have the opportunity to further develop needed skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.

  • Hope Students will also be given opportunities for recreational activities and class trips.

  • The revision weeks are ONLY open for Hope students.

2. Different classroom dynamics

  • Reduced number of students: These weeks are NOT listed as days for the required attendance of Hope students. With this in mind, parents will need to sign up separately to attend the revision weeks.

  • Reduced number of teachers: Some teachers will be utilizing this time for extended holidays.

  • Combined Classes: With the reduced number of students and teachers, some classes/grades will be combined.

  • New teacher Induction: As an expanding school, we regularly hire new teachers. These weeks give our new staff the opportunity to work with Hope students and acclimate to the new school setting. Students attending the revision weeks will see some new faces!

  • Adjusted schedule/timetable: A separate timetable will be created to accommodate reduced numbers of students and the new teachers working during these weeks.

Signing up for the Revision Weeks:

At the moment, we are still working through the staff schedules to help finalize who will be available to work and teach during the revision weeks. Once this is finalized, we will send out a sign-up form to all Hope Families.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any further questions!

3: Curriculum Focus: Mission & Vision

Over the last few months, we have completed a review of our Mission, Vision, and school definitions. We had multiple meetings where we discussed the goals of our school and how we can best share those clearly. We also received feedback from our parents and students. Using this feedback, we made small adjustments to ensure that everyone's voice is heard and represented. This review process is typically completed every few years to ensure the goals align with and represent the school's active efforts and culture. Please see the new Mission, Vision, and Definitions on our "About Page".

4: Class Highlight - G3 Exit Point

The grade 3 students have learned about forces such as gravity, air resistance, and friction in their IPC unit, Feel the Force. For their exit point students created a marble run incorporating what they learned.

5: Photos of the week

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