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Message from the Principals 1/21/2022

Good morning Hope Community!

This update will discuss the following:

1: STEAM Fair

2: High School 1st Term Presentation

3: Reminders

4: House Points Tally

5: Photos of the week!!!

1: STEAM Fair

On March 18th we will have our 2nd STEAM fair! On the 7th we had an assembly to discuss the goal and theme of this year's STEAM fair: Climate Change. The older students then visited the younger classrooms to explain more about climate change. The students will be deciding their project this afternoon!

2: High School 1st Term Presentation

On Januarys 7th our High School students completed their first major presentation for the Clonlara Off-Campus program.

Every end of the term, high school students always have to do a final presentation on a certain subject. This term they focused on Geography. Each student has different topics to share.

Allison and Destin are both studying cultural geography; Allison’s topic is about cakewalk, and it’s history. Destin made a Lego diorama about the evolution of TV and entertainment through the years.

Sean was focused on political geography, and he created a puzzle like model of the USA using the 3D printer.

Evie created a model about race riots. She connected it with her topic human geography.

Karen’s topic this term is Physical Geography, where she explained the movement of tectonic plates that can cause earthquakes.

Allen made a model that represents the eruption of a volcano here in Japan. He explained the destruction and health issues that it caused to people.

3: Reminders

  • Feb 11: Open School - Google Calendar invitations will be sent to each class (subject to change based on State of Emergency situation)

  • Feb 21: Presidents' Day - NO SCHOOL

  • Feb 23: Parent Workshop - Screen time workshop + High School Program Questions & Answers Session

Uniform Regulation Reminder: The Hope Polo shirts are the daily wear for all students. PE shirts are to be worn on PE days. Pants and Shorts must be of the following colors: Black, Navy Blue, or Khaki.

4: House Points Tally

Basilisk: 2312

Phoenix: 2322

Hydra: 2380

Dragon: 2508

5: Photos of the week!!!

Special Bonus: 2 videos from the G1M Class!

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