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Message from the Principals 1/13/2023

Good afternoon, everyone!

Today we will discuss the following: 1. Important reminders

2: Feb 6-9 Open School Schedule

3: Curriculum Focus - Global Competence and STEAM Fair

4: Learning Highlight

5: Photos of the week!

1: Important Reminders:

  • The new Weekly Class Schedule will start on Monday.

    • You can view all the class schedules in the Parent Portal (Class Information Page)

  • Club registration will close on Jan 20th.

    • Clubs start from Jan 30th.

    • Please see last week's blog post for details

    • The Age 12-16 Soccer club schedule was changed to Wednesday & Friday

  • LEAP will start in March - detailed information will be sent to directly to families that need or have requested LEAP in February.

2: Feb 6-9 Open School Schedule

  • Monday

    • 9:10 - 10:50 ~ G5 IPC & Math

    • 13:00 - 14:40 ~ G6 IMYC

  • Tuesday

    • 8:20 - 10:00 ~ G8 Social Studies

    • 9:10 - 10:50 ~ G7 IMYC

  • Wednesday

    • 9:10 - 10:50 ~ G1B ELA & IPC

    • 13:00 - 13:50 ~ G2M ELA / G2B Math

    • 13:50 - 14:40 ~ G2M Math / G2B ELA

  • Thursday

    • 8:20 - 9:10 ~ HS ELA

    • 10:00 - 11:40 ~ G4 ELA & PE

    • 13:00 - 14:40 ~ G1M IPC / G3 ELA

3: Curriculum Focus - Global Competence and STEAM Fair

Last Friday, students at Hope began planning their projects for this year’s STEAM Fair; the results of which will be shared during a whole school event on the 23rd June. The theme for this year’s event is “Community - Local and Global”, challenging the students to consider how their project can help support a need in either the school community, local community or wider global community.

This event will help bring focus on the “Global Competence” part of our school’s International Learning Goals. At Hope, we view a Globally Competent learner through the following definition:

“Global Competency is taking positive action in the local and global community”

Throughout the STEAM project, we expect that all students will be able to demonstrate this definition. The projects also have clear Learning Goals for each section of the school, and these goals expect students to personally contribute to collective action and consider the long-term impact of their project’s idea.

We’re very excited to see the creative and impactful ideas that all Grades will contribute to this event!

4: Learning Highlight

Grade 2 students received letters back from their pen-pals in Canada! They were so excited to receive them and to read all about their pen-pal! They were able to find their pen-pal in a labelled photo of the pen-pal class in Canada, too!

Currently, Grade 3's unit is called "Feel The Force!" where students learn about forces and how they push and pull us along. They will be investigating different kinds of forces and learn how to measure them, such as friction, gravity, air resistance, buoyancy, and more! Here are a few photos from their Entry Point and various experiments they have conducted so far!

5: Photos of the week!

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