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Message from the Principals 9/8/2023

Good morning, Hope Community!

Today's topics:

1: Important Reminders

2: Learning Highlight

3: House Points

4: Photos of the week

1: Important Reminders

  • First Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) will be on Oct 6

    • Sign up will be shared next week!

  • Autumn Break - Oct 9-13 (NO SCHOOL)

  • Open School - Nov 3rd

  • Sports Day date has changed from Nov 17 to Dec 1st

2: Learning Highlight

Grade 2 is currently in their "Chocolate" unit. The geography goals of the unit are focused on the ability to interpret maps of familiar and unfamiliar places, including digital maps. These goals include being able to identify relevant data, describe geographic features, and explaining how human activities can impact geography. Today, the grade 2 students were provided a map of the Miyagi area and they had to navigate their way to the Sunabe community Center. This activity challenged their understanding of the information found on maps, orientation, landmark identification, and more! The students were able to find their way to the Community Center and back - applying their knowledge, skills, and understanding along the way!

3: House Points

Phoenix: 237 ➜ 603

Basilisk: 461 ➜ 558

Hydra: 414 ➜ 517

Dragon: 376 ➜ 458

4: Photos of the week:

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