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Message from the Principals 7/21/2023

Good morning, Hope Community! Thank you for your patience during our short hiatus.

This week's post will focus on the following:

1: Important Reminders

2: Student Highlight

3: 2022-23 Teacher of the Year

4: Winning House of the Year

5: Student Awards

1: Important Reminders

  • Summer school is currently underway. July 17 - Aug 4

  • August 7-10~ teacher prep for the new school year (NO SCHOOL)

  • August 11 ~ Parent Orientation!

    • Please see the email sent yesterday for details!

  • August 14th ~ 2023-24 First day of School

2: Student Highlight

One of our Founder students, Mei Kataoka recently attempted the Level 1 Eiken exam. Mei has been at Hope for 6 years and just finished grade 8. We are extremely proud to announce that Mei passed Eiken Grade 1! She is the first student at Hope to make this achievement!

Congratulations, Mei!!

3: 2022-23 Teacher of the Year

Being a teacher is a dynamic challenge that requires a special kind of person. At Hope we celebrate our teacher's effort, dedication, and resilience. Each year the teachers vote on their choice for the teacher of the year.

We are happy and honored to announce the teacher of the year: Ms. Jessa Jarilla

4: Winning House of the Year

Final House Score:

Hydra - 6528

Basilisk - 6698

Dragon - 7964

Phoenix - 8380

Congratulations to House PHOENIX! (Fun fact: last year they took last place. They did rise from the ashes!!)

5: Student Awards

Perfect Attendance!!

Aina, Milia, Indrina, Camille, Shizuku

Outstanding Students of the year:

Milepost 1:

Gracelyn - For being an ambassador of all the PLGs, showing strength in maths and IPC and for always being responsible.

Milepost 2:

Mandy - For showing outstanding effort in all tasks, collaborating well with everyone and her resilience in improving her English

Milepost 3:

Haruyuki - For maintaining a growth mindset, demonstrating great critical thinking skills in maths and working hard to improve his English

Aliyah - For her ethical treatment of her peers and teachers, her resilience towards challenging tasks and her willingness to always try

Middle School: Leah - For her determination to do her best, her positive demeanour and her responsible attitude towards her own learning

Mei - For being a great ambassador of the PLGs, her ability to go beyond expectations and her impressive academic growth

High School:

Alicia - For being a positive role model, her determination to do her best and her efforts to contribute to the school community

We can't wait to see everyone back for the new school year. Thank you all for a wonderful 2022-23!

-Mr. Brandon and Mr. Brian

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