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Message from the Principals 6/9/2023

Good morning, Hope Community!

Today's topics:

1: Important Reminders

2: Parent Teacher Conferences

3: Hope STEAM Fair schedule

4: House Points

5: Photos of the week

1: Important Reminders

  • June 12 ~ Teacher's work day (NO SCHOOL)

  • June 19 ~ Juneteenth (NO SCHOOL)

  • June 23 ~ STEAM Fair

    • Session 1: 8:20-9:40

    • Session 2: 10:10-11:30

  • June 27 ~ Last day of school

  • June 28 ~ Parent Teacher Conference

  • July 3-14 ~ Revision weeks (optional for current Hope students)

  • July 17-Aug 4 ~ Summer school

  • Aug 11 ~ 2023 School year Parent Orientation

  • Aug 14 ~ First day of 2023 school year

2: Parent Teacher Conferences

We are excited to announce our upcoming Parent-Teacher Conference, scheduled for June 28th. This event serves as a valuable opportunity for open dialogue, allowing us to strengthen the partnership between parents and teachers in supporting your child's educational journey.

To ensure that we can accommodate all parents, we have allocated 15 minutes for each meeting.

Digital Report Cards on June 27th

Digital copies of the report cards will be sent out on June 27th. These reports provide detailed insights into your child's progress, highlighting their achievements and areas for growth. We encourage you to review the report card before the Parent-Teacher Conference, as it will serve as a foundation for our discussions during the meeting.

Topics Covered in the Conference

During the Parent-Teacher Conference, our primary focus will be on your child's growth and development throughout the academic year. We will delve into the report card details, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your child's performance in various subjects, as well as their social and emotional development.

Additionally, we understand the significance of transitioning into a new grade. Therefore, we will also share important information regarding the upcoming academic year, ensuring a smooth and successful transition for your child.

We look forward to meeting with you during the Parent-Teacher Conference and engaging in fruitful discussions that will support your child's ongoing success.

Sign up for the PTC is now open and will close on June 23rd. Here is a SlideShow explaining how to register.

Please note: We will do our best to provide translators as requested but cannot guarantee someone for every meeting.

3: Hope STEAM Fair schedule

We have arranged the June 23rd STEAM fair into 2 sessions: 8:20-9:40 & 10:10-11:30

Each class has been separated into groups. Each class will have groups present in the first and second session. You can view the list of the students that will be presenting HERE.

The majority of students will be presenting in their homeroom class.

However, a few groups will be selling things to raise money for different charities. (They are noted in GREEN in the linked document)

Grade 2:

'Toy Makers' Group - selling crafty, handmade toys to entertain the local community while raising money for the charity 'Save Ukraine'. '

Plant Growers' Group - selling packaged labelled seeds, 'mystery' seeds and compost to encourage plant growth in the local community to help clean the air. Proceeds go to the charity 'HelpOki'.

Grade 4:

'Helping Orphans' Group- The students are working to collect money donations and pass them to Oki Hands Oki Hearts, who will use the money to support orphanages around Okinawa.

Grade 5:

'Paw Cafe' Group- selling choc-chip cookies to raise money for a local cat charity, 'Melon's'. This group has been researching how TNR programs help the community.

The above STEAM Fair groups will be located in room 601. We encourage those of you who are able to attend to make purchases to support the students' hard work and so that they can raise money for their chosen charity. We will also allow students in the school to bring up to 1,000 yen to make purchases from these STEAM Fair stalls. Any students bringing in money will be responsible for keeping it safe. The school will not be held liable for any monetary loss. Students are not permitted to share their money with others. We are very much looking forward to the day and hope you are too!

We look forward to seeing you there!

4: House Points

Hydra: 5895 ➜ 6054

Basilisk:5999 ➜ 6105

Dragon: 7076 ➜ 7251

Phoenix: 7334 ➜ 7476

5: Photos of the week!

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