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Message from the Principals 4/7/2023

Greetings, Hope Community!

Today's topics:

1: Important Reminders

2: Curriculum Focus: PLG of the Month - Adaptability

3: Learning Highlight

4: House Points

5: Photos of the week!

1: Important Reminders

  • Golden Week: May 1-5 (NO SCHOOL)

  • Open School - May 16th

    • The school will be open to all visitors from 8:20-10:00.

    • Non-Hope visitors must complete this form.

2: Curriculum Focus: PLG of the Month - Adaptability

During today’s Elementary and Secondary assemblies, Hope students will explore the Personal Learning Goal focus for this month, which is adaptability.

The following are some ways that Hope students can demonstrate this goal:

  • When exploring any new learning, students can approach tasks with an open-minded attitude, considering different context.

  • An adaptable student can take on different roles, share a variety of ideas and understand the right strategy to apply to a given situation.

  • Adaptability also considers how students manage their feelings, encouraging them to apply strategies to regulate their feelings appropriately to the situation they are in.

  • An adaptable student can recognise what has influenced their opinions and explore how new information can impact these opinions.

Adaptability in the IPC and IMYC focus on two key areas - flexibility, and metacognition.

A student embodying this goal will be able to have strategies to react to new situations they find themselves in, as well as having a strong awareness of the factors that influence their actions and opinions.

At home, you can discuss this focus by supporting your child in creating strategies for new and unfamiliar situations.

3: Learning Highlight

Today the Grade 3 class had their Exit point for the unit "Chocolate". The unit focuses on the history, global export, and development of chocolate. You can read here to learn more about the Unit and the learning goals. For their exit point, the students created a play that demonstrated the history of chocolate. Thier play focused around a pair of time travelers that got to witness the Azteks use of chocolate, and the eventual import into Europe. The students did a great job of displaying their understanding of the history and presenting their original play. We also want to say a special thank you to the parents that joined!

4: House Points

Hydra: 4588 ➜ 4660

Basilisk: 4647 ➜ 4734

Dragon: 5446 ➜ 5579

Phoenix: 5523 ➜ 5654

5: Photos of the week!

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