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Message from the Principals 4/22/2022

Good morning Hope Community! This post will include the following:

1: Upcoming Events

2: Student work showcase

3: On the path to Accreditation

4: House Points Tally

5: Photos from the week

6: Update from the Preschool


1: Upcoming Events

Parent workshops:

April 29th

  • 3:00-4:00 Assessment and PLG's in the IPC/IMYC

  • 4:00-5:00 MAP Test analysis & 2022-23 School year schedule

OPEN School (No reservation is required):

  • May 24 (Tuesday): 8:20-10:00

    • G2 -Math & ELA.

    • G3 - IPC & LifeTech

  • May 24 (Tuesday): 10:00-11:40

    • G4 - IPC & Art

    • H.S. - Art & Clonlara

  • May 24 (Tuesday): 13:00-14:40

    • G1M - ELA & Math

    • G6 - IMYC & Math

  • May 25 (Wed): 8:20-10:00

    • G5 - IPC & LifeTech

    • G7 - IMYC

  • May 25 (Wed): 10:00-11:40

    • G1B - IPC

    • G8 - LifeTech & Math

InterDivision Picture Day:

Tuesday, April 26 -- Makeup day April 28th

Please wear the Maroon polo shirts!!

2: Student work showcase

The Grade 8 class concluded their Justice unit with a Mock Trial Exit Point.

An IMYC Exit Point is a celebration of learning and an opportunity for students to connect their subject learning to their own personal interests. For this unit, the class decided to use a mock trial presentation as a way to extend their learning and understanding. The Mock Trial demonstrated one of the many ways that people can be treated either fairly or unfairly in the eyes of law and order. The class collaborated on the current injustices worldwide and connected their history lesson about discrimination and other injustices to the project. Throughout the project, Grade 8 were also able to demonstrate International Mindedness by understanding how injustice can impact global and local politics. They also used their ELA learning to put all the scripts together, Science for evidence, and Geography for understanding culture and human activity. In the end, the class connected the project to their Big Idea, which was focused on how we organize ourselves to enable justice to one another.

3: On the path to Accreditation

On the 9th and 10th of May, Hope International Academy will be undergoing a Recognition Visit from the International Curriculum Association. The purpose of this visit is to ensure that our school has the policies, procedures, planning, teaching and learning in place to fulfill the all necessary requirements for proper delivery of both the IPC and IMYC.

Ahead of the visit, the school had to complete a portfolio where we provided evidence against criteria in three sections:

  • School Administration and Operations

  • School Focus on Improving Learning For All

  • Learning and Teaching

The evidence review allowed us to appreciate the current areas of strength in the school, while keeping a focus on where we like to further develop and what steps we can take to enable these improvements.

On the 9th May, the focus will be around teaching and learning in our elementary classes through the IPC while the 10th May focuses on IMYC. Our Recognition Visitor will observe multiple classes throughout each day, as well as having small group discussions with a selection of parents, students and teachers. The visit will take place virtually, with all of these sessions happening over video conferencing. The purpose of the live visit is to ensure that our submitted evidence actually aligns our day to day teaching and learning in practice.

The Recognition Visit is an important part of our school’s self-review process and allows us to continue our focus on how to improve the learning experience for our students. We’re excited to share all of the wonderful learning that has been happening at Hope with our visitor in May.

4: House Points Tally

Phoenix: 4377

Basilisk: 4491

Hydra: 4667

Dragon: 4840

5: Photos from the week

6: Update from the Preschool

This week was full of fun at Seaside Preschool, as always!

In Discovery class, children drew self-portraits, which is an exciting way to observe their developmental milestones. They usually draw a face and two eyes or simple items; as they grow, they add more facial features.

We cannot wait to see how much they will continue to grow at our school!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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