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Message from the Principals 3/4/2022

Good morning Hope Community!

This post will discuss the following:

1: How you can support your children at home!

2: Student work showcase

3: PLG of the month / House Points Tally

4: Photos from the week

1: How you can support your children at home!

Our suggestion this week is directly from our Curriculum Coordinator, Mr. Colin. "Studies have shown that talking about new learning is a great way to synthesize new information. Please talk with your children about what they learned at school each day. Their explanation and "teaching" of the content to their parents allows them to consolidate the information and strengthen their learning and grasp on new content or skills."

Here are some questions to ask instead of "How was your day":

1: Can you tell me something new you learned today? 2: What was the hardest thing you had to do today?

3: What did you do that was creative or interesting?

4: Was there anything you didn't understand today in class?

5: Can you tell me an example of how you used the PLGs today? 6: What are you looking forward to tomorrow? 7: What made you proud today?

8: What questions did you ask in school today?

9: What was something you saw or did that made you think / reflect?

10: Tell me about the project you're working on!

2: Student work showcase

Today, grade 08 students experimented with the corn flour bomb fire in the science "Justice" unit.

Corn flour (a carbohydrate) burns rapidly because of its high total surface area to volume ratio, allowing oxygen in the air to come into contact with the fuel easily.

The class experimented with making a simple fire explosion of corn flour and dust. Students will better understand how molecules interact to cause an explosion. This will help them better understand their next research task regarding the danger of dust and explosion.

Knowledge Learning Goals:

  • Know the evidence that indicates that a chemical reaction has taken place

  • Know about energy transfer in chemical reactions

  • Know about the major stores of energy and how energy is transferred between stores (but not created or destroyed) and most of these transfers are not perfect

Skill Learning Goal:

  • Be able to take steps to increase safety and reduce risk during a science experiment

3: PLG of the month / House Points Tally

Communicator: Not just what you say, but how you say it. Effective communication is a skill that takes time to develop and grow. This month we will focus on the development of this skill. Students will be encouraged to communicate clearly, compassionately, and openly. We hope you can see this growth during our STEAM Fair on March 18th, where they have been working on "persuasive speech."

Phoenix: 3320 (Rising like a Phoenix! Great job this week!!)

Hydra: 3347

Basilisk: 3402

Dragon: 3631

4: Photos from the week

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