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Message from the Principals 3/24/2023

Good morning, everyone!

1: Important Reminders

2: Hope Family Day

3: Learning Highlight - guest speaker

4: House Points

5: Photos of the last 2 weeks!

1: Important Reminders

  • Spring Break: March 27-31 (NO SCHOOL)

  • Open School - May 16th (details to be shared soon)

2: Hope Family Day

Friday, March 17 marked our very first Hope Family Day. Secondary students (G6-G11) designed, created, and ran carnival style games from around the world. Elementary students and families had the opportunity of playing these carnival games for the opportunity of winning points for their house.

The house competition was VERY close and we ended the day with a three-way-tie between Dragon, Hydra, and Basilisk: This left Pheonix with a strong second place.

We want to give a BIG THANKS to our parent volunteers. They took a big set up/clean up job and did it very well! Overall we had a fantastic time with our greater school community. We hope to do similar events in the future!

3: Learning Highlight - Guest Speaker

Ms. Joy Lewis, a Registered Dietician, visited our grade 2 and 5 classes to teach about the essential nutrients and balanced eating. She taught students why they should try to “eat the rainbow” and guided them through creating balanced plates. Our grade 2 students had fun working in groups to make sure their plates included the main nutrient groups, and our grade 5 students used their technology to find images to show what a balanced meal would look like to them. Thank you, Ms. Joy, for sharing your knowledge with us!

4: House Points

Hydra: 3534 ➜ 4588

Basilisk: 3691 ➜ 4647

Dragon: 4192 ➜ 5446

Phoenix: 4418 ➜ 5523

5: Photos of the last 2 weeks!

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