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Message from the Principals 12/9/2022

Good morning, Hope Community!!

Today we will share the following: 1: Important Reminders

2: Sports Day Information

3: Curriculum Focus: Assessment

4: Student Highlight

5: Photos of the week!

1: Important Reminders

  • Uniforms have been restocked for sizes 28-32

    • More sizes are being ordered

  • Grade 2 Maroon exit point - Dec 14

  • Grade 2 Blue exit point - Dec 15

  • Grade 6 exit point - Dec 19

  • Grade 7 & Grade 3 exit point - Dec 20

  • Sports Day - Dec 16

  • Dec 21 - 1/2 of School!

    • Students are dismissed at 1pm. Buses leave at 1.

    • Pick up is between 1-2pm.

2: Sports Day Information

Schedule for the day: Please click the link below for the sports day schedule:

  • Arrival time for families attending sports day: 08:30-08:50

  • If your child is going to school: The bus WILL leave at 08:00. Any families who come after this time will need to drop off their child directly at the dome

Parent Participation: Parents will have the opportunity to participate in 3 different activities:

  • Opening Warm up/Stretch (09:10-09:20)

    • Coach Akira will lead the whole school in a beginning day warm up. Parents are encouraged to come and join as well!

  • Whole School Sprint (09:20-09:40)

    • First, students will compete in this game as a whole school. Then parents will be called up to participate after students are finished. Races will be conducted with 4 runners at a time.

  • Baton Relay (11:45-12:15)

    • First, students will compete in this game as a whole school. Then parents will be called up to participate after students are finished. The four teams will be racing around a large circle in the middle of the track. Once each students completes the run around the circle, they will pass the baton to the next one in line.

Health Guidelines/Dome Rules: We have confirmed with current health guidelines and have placed all guidelines in the document linked below:

Dome Rules/Health Guidelines: Major Points are listed below

  • No food or drink should be consumed inside the dome

  • Masks: The event is inside the Okinawa city dome, but with all windows and doors opened, the event is considered “outside.” With this in mind, masks will be optional for attendees. All attendees who are participating in sports day events are encouraged to remove the masks for better safety during physical activity.

We look forward to seeing you all on December 16!

3: Curriculum Focus: Assessment

In last week’s Curriculum Focus, we explored the school’s Teaching and Learning Policy, which helps to guide all teachers at Hope in creating strong learning experiences for all of our students.

As well as using the Teaching and Learning Policy to inform day to day planning, Hope also has in place an Assessment Policy that ensures that the expectations of student growth and progress remain consistent throughout any learner’s time at Hope. Assessment is an important tool in informing a teacher’s planning, informing how to provide appropriate challenge and choice for each student and this is recognised through the policy.

The Assessment Policy is built around our school’s Definition of Learning, as well as the school’s Mission and Vision, which informs all approaches taken in the school. It details how Hope defines Knowledge, Skills and Understanding, the roles of formative and summative assessment and external assessment tools used for validation of teacher judgment. The policy also outlines the importance of the “Knowledge Harvest” as a pre-assessment before the start of a new unit, which has been explored in the blog earlier this year.

For members of the community who are seeking further context to the report cards that will be sent on the 21st December, you can view the Hope Assessment Policy here.

4: Student Highlight

We are very happy to announce that one of our students, Miku Touyama in Grade 6 has achieved her Pre-1 Eiken score. This score is often used to inform colleges or universities abroad that an ESL speaker is ready to enter undergraduate programs and is also used as a benchmark for English instructors in Japan public schools. You can view the Okinawa Times article about Miku here! Congratulations, Miku!

5: Photos of the week!

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