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Message from the Principals 12/2/2022

Today we will share the following:

1: Important Reminders

2: Curriculum Focus: Teaching and Learning Policy

3: Classroom Highlight

4: Photos of the week

1: Important Reminders:

  • Semester 1 Clubs final week is Dec 5 - 9.

    • No Clubs from Dec 12

    • Semester 2 Club Registration will be sent out by Dec 21st.

  • Hope Sports Day is December 16th!

  • Holiday Break starts on December 22nd.

    • Class resumes on Thursday, Jan 5th.

2: Curriculum Focus: Teaching and Learning Policy

Over the last couple of months, the blog has explored the Process to Facilitate Learning, which guides every unit in both the IPC and IMYC.

To support teachers in ensuring that every unit has a consistent experience and leverages the Process to Facilitate Learning to its fullest potential, every teacher follows the guidance outlined by our Teaching and Learning Policy.

Hope’s Teaching and Learning Policy follows the Seven Foundations of the IPC and IMYC. It provides guidance on expectations for assessment, learning goals, teaching strategies and the importance of planning for experiences that connect to a unit’s theme or Big Idea.

Following the policy allows for teachers to ensure the delivery of high impact, engaging and rigorous learning that connects to the theme being studied, as well as the world around us.

For more information about the seven foundations that inform day to day life at the school, you can find the policy here. There are two versions, one for IPC and one for IMYC. Many areas overlap but both curricula have their own distinct needs too.

3: Classroom Highlight

Last week Grade 1 had their Exit Point for the unit "It's Shocking". They had an exhibition of all the different areas of learning from the unit, with a group of students leading a station. The students in both classes had the opportunity to share their learning with students from Grade 2 all the way up to High School. They demonstrated their knowledge of static electricity through using a charged balloon to move a sheet of paper. Grade 1 also showed how a basic switch circuit works using a battery, switch and bulb. They demonstrated their Lifetech skills, using the MakeyMakey to create a Banana Piano! All the students who attended really enjoyed hearing the exciting learning happening in Grade 1.

4: Photos of the week

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