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Message from the Principals 11/12/2021

Good morning everyone!

The four topics of the day:

1: Photos of the week!

2: Guest Speaker

3: Personal Learning Goal of the Month

4: Reminders

1: This week's photos!

We began our Sports Festival practice last week.

2: Guest Speaker

Grade 08 Responsibility Unit: College Financial Management Talk w/ Raynell Lenz: Raynell Lenz is a Loan Representative (dealing with commercial loans) in Dime Bank based in the United States. She started as a teller and made her way as a credit analyst before becoming a Loan Representative. Raynell helped Grade 08 and Grade 10 students understand the vocabulary used in banking and finance. She discussed how to save money in college and the best way to earn and keep finances and liabilities positive. Students were very engaged and asked many questions, like investment, college funds, insurance, loans, their future job, and salary. Students even learned how much money they need when they retire and the best age to retire. Our guess speaker opened many possibilities and created financial awareness for our Grade 08 - 10 students.

3: Personal Learning Goal of the Month: Respectful

Last week we had a whole school assembly and discussed the learning goal: Respectful. We learned that respect is important aspect of making good choices. It should guide how we treat everyone, including lower classmates. We encourage our families to have a discussion at home about what "respectful" means to your family.

4: Friendly Reminders:

--We will have tech support available from 3-5pm from Dec 16 to 18th for families that have issues with the new Hope Family Google Accounts.

--Parent workshop will be on the 23rd:

--School will be closed on Nov 25, 26, & 29.

The House Point Tally:

Hydra: 1071 (starting to catch up! Great job this week!!)

Dragon: 1177

Basilisk: 1191

Phoenix: 1427

Thank you for reading this week's update.

-Mr. Brandon & Mr. Brian

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