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Message from the Principals 10/22/2021

Good morning Hope Families! This post will include the following: 1: Photos from this week

2: The Monthly Updates for November

3: Mr. Brian's Philosophy of Education

4: House Points Tally

2: November Information and Updates:

11/03: Parent Open House

11/11: Veterans Day (No School for Students)

11/23: Parent Workshop (Normal School Day)

11/25-26: Thanksgiving (No School for Students)

11/29: Teacher Work Day: Report Card Preparation (No School for Students)

11/30-12/3: MAP Testing - Session 1 (Normal School Days)

3: Mr. Brian's Philosophy of Education:

Education should be:

  • Practical

  • Challenging

  • Enjoyable

  • Never-ending

Achieved through:

  • A Holistic Approach

  • A Rigorous Curriculum

  • Engaging Activities

  • A Growth Mindset

Keys to Success:

  • A Safe and Nurturing Environment

  • Positive Relationships In and Out of School

  • Parental Involvement

  • Unified Agreement on Where We are Headed

When all three criteria are in place, something wonderful and extraordinary will happen in the lives of our learners.


Brian Bates

4: The House Point Tally:

Hydra: 812

Dragon: 980

Basilisk: 990 Phoenix: 1186

Thank you for reading this week's update!

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Helene Smittil
Helene Smittil
22. Okt. 2021

I love seeing the different things being taught/learned in the different classrooms!

Gefällt mir
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