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Message from the Principals 10/21/2022

Good morning, Hope Community!!

Today we will talk about:

1: Important reminders

2: Classroom Highlight

3: Curriculum Focus: Reflection

4: Chatan Community Halloween Events

5: Photos of the week!

1: Important reminders

  • No School for InterDivision next week (Oct 24-28)

    • School will resume on Oct 31

  • Open School from Nov 1 - 4 (google calendar invites were sent to all classes) This open school is IN Person only.

  • Oct 31 - Hope Halloween! Students can come to school in a costume.

    • Please note: NO blood or weapons allowed.

  • Parent Workshop on Nov 3rd!

    • There will be 2 sessions: 4:00-4:30 English & 4:30-5:00 日本語. (You can click on the LINK to see the event calendar)

    • We will give an overview of the IPC/IMYC and talk about how we use Assessments to inform our Report Cards.

2: Classroom Highlight - Grade 2!!

Grade 2 classes are collaborating with two schools in Canada, and have a planned and written pen pal letters in ELA class over the last few weeks. As part of their Travel and Tourism unit, they wrote down statements, telling their pen pal about themselves, their school and their lives here in Okinawa, as well as questions asking their pen pals about their school and lives in Canada.

"We included a photo of the ELA classes and a photo of Baba park, where we enjoy outdoor recess. We are very much looking forward to their responses and learning a little about life as a child in Canada! Grade 2 classes are also expecting to receive pen pal letters from a school in the Cayman Islands later in the year - we can't wait to expand our knowledge of the world by learning from other Grade 2 children in different countries!Grade 2 also celebrated their learning throughout their unit of Travel and Tourism through their Exit Points this week! Students presented their research on the continent they have been studying and tried to persuade their audience that it was the best continent! The students included facts about tourist attractions, photos of them, and a labelled map on the continent. They learned a lot about presentation in this unit and the process of refining information for a more concise delivery. They also needed to improvise on the spot to make their performance work! The students were Thinkers, Collaborators, Adaptable and Resilient in their Exit Point - great job Grade 2!

3: Curriculum Focus: Reflection

Over the past few weeks of the Curriculum Focus, we’ve explored the mini learning cycle that takes place during subject based tasks - Research, Record, Reflect. This week we will focus on the final part of the cycle, the role of reflection.

Reflection is an important part of successful learning at any age but is often the most overlooked. After taking part in exciting research and recording tasks, pausing to take time to understand and process the new information and skills you are developing and making note of this supports students in continued growth. It also supports students in goal setting for the future and understanding what next steps are required to continue improving. The use of rubrics helps students to self-assess and through taking note of these self-assessments, students can refer back and see their progress over time.

The most powerful reflections allow students to identify their successes and identify areas for further improvement, which matches the approach to assessment and reporting at Hope. Our school strongly believes in the role that reflection plays in allowing all students to grow and see their growth and this week, the school was able to share how much value the role of reflection has through Mr. Jay-R’s presentation to the International Curriculum Conference.

4: Chatan Community Halloween Events!

Our students volunteer at The Clover Cat Shelter nearby. This year they are holding a Halloween Charity event! Please help us support them!

The local community center has also arranged a Halloween parade for children! They came to the school to invite our students to participate and to encourage parents to volunteer. Please see the flyer below for more information.

5: Photos of the week!

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