Student Life

Beyond the classroom

Okinawa Eisa

In collaboration with the Ryukyu Kajimaya Group, we learn and perform traditional Okinawa Eisa Dance!

Digital Citizenship

We use SeeSaw as a tool for digital portfolios, homework, and parent communication.

We also integrate Common Sense Digital Citizenship Education throughout the school.


PE  class isn't the only fun and healthy activity at Hope!  To help our students learn healthy lifestyles we hike, camp, ice skate, and more!

International Cultural Day

English Support Program

L.E.A.P (Leveraging English Achievement Program) is unique to HIAO which serves as:


  • An intervention program after school that addresses specific weak points in literacy, such as decoding, language comprehension, or both. 

  • A pull-out class to provide a more explicit and systematic instruction in decoding, language comprehension, and writing.

Strong Community

Our students actively engage with each other throughout the school.  As a close community, the bonds are strong and friendly.  

Term Events

We have 1 major, school wide event each term.  The events are organized by the students.

Term 1:  "Sports Festival"
Term 2:  "Celebration of Learning"
Term 3:  "International Cultural Day"

Watch the video above to see highlights from last year's Term 3 Event!

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