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Message from the Principals 9/23/2022

Good morning, Hope Community!

This post will cover the following topics:

1: Curriculum Focus: Knowledge Harvest

2: Classroom Highlight of the week:

3: October Events and Updates

4: General Reminders

5: Photos!!

1: Curriculum Focus: Knowledge Harvest

In last week’s blog, we shared information about the Entry Point, which launches every new IPC and IMYC unit. This week, the focus is on the Knowledge Harvest, which follows the Entry Point in the structure of a unit (this is called the Process to Facilitate Learning)

The purpose of the Knowledge Harvest is to support teachers in planning an effective and relevant unit to their class. It is always designed in a way for the teacher to discover what the students in their class may already know about the upcoming topics, as well as finding out what they would like to know. This can happen in a number of ways such as games/activities, class discussion, visible thinking routines, individual questioning and many other methods. Based on the information that the teacher gathers in the Knowledge Harvest, they can then use this information to add to, further develop or even challenge the student’s existing knowledge.

It is hoped through the Knowledge Harvest, the teacher can identify the needs of their class and build their planning from this information.

2: Classroom Highlight of the week: Grade 3 and Grade 5 - Jogging with parents

This week, the grade 3 and 5 classes went out for the morning meeting to jog as a class, but they were not alone! Parents were invited to participate in the class jog, and a few brave parents joined their children in the exercise. When parents model the good practices set out in class it has a tremendously positive impact on students. We hope to see the weekly jogging continue to take off and to have even more parents join in!

3: October Events and Updates

  • October 21: Hope Halloween Celebration (More information to come shortly)

  • October 24 -28: Autumn Break (No School for Students)

4: General Reminders

  • Class starts at 08:00: Be sure your child comes to school well before 08:00

  • No Hat, No Play: Be sure your child has a hat that can stay at school during the week

  • Friday Uniform: Friday afternoons are dedicated to Sports Day practice. Please be sure your child wears the P.E. uniform for Fridays during Semester 1.

  • Club Sign ups: Last day for club sign ups is today. Please click here for last week’s post about club information and sign ups

5: Photos from the week!





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