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Message from the Principals 6/23/2023

Good morning, Hope Community!

1: Important Reminders

2: Curriculum Focus - Report cards at Hope

3: STEAM Fair Photos!

4: Learning Highlight - A year of Cooking

1: Important Reminders

  • June 27 ~ Last day of school

  • June 28 ~ Parent Teacher Conference

    • Sign-up here:

  • Aug 11 ~ 2023 School year Parent Orientation

  • Aug 14 ~ First day of 2023 school year

2: Curriculum Focus - Report cards at Hope

At Hope, we are dedicated to providing a holistic education that fosters the growth and development of our students. Our report cards have been designed to go beyond traditional grading systems, offering a comprehensive assessment of your child's progress. Aligned with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC), these report cards provide valuable insights into key skills and areas for improvement.

Skills-Based Assessment:

Our report cards focus on the key skills that are essential within the IPC/IMYC curriculum. Throughout the year, your child has been provided with multiple opportunities to develop and demonstrate these skills across various subjects.

Annotation of Skills:

To ensure a comprehensive overview, our report cards annotate two specific skills per subject. These skills have been carefully chosen and received substantial emphasis and assessment during the reporting period. By highlighting these key skills, we aim to provide you with a clear understanding of your child's strengths and areas for growth in each subject.

Grading Chart for Skill Development:

Rather than relying on traditional letter or numerical grades, our report cards feature a grading chart that emphasizes skill development. This chart visually represents your child's progress, showcasing incremental growth and the importance of continuous learning and improvement. The Innovating category is specifically design for students who are able to extend their classroom learning beyond age related expectations. Mastering is the highest category for meeting age-related expectations.

Comments Section: Capturing the Essence of Learning:

The comments section is the heart of our report cards. It goes beyond grades and scores, providing personalized feedback from our teachers. Here, you will find insights into your child's achievements, areas of strength, and specific opportunities for improvement. These comments offer a deeper understanding of your child's learning journey, classroom engagement, and individual growth.

Balancing Strengths and Improvement:

Our report cards strike a balance between acknowledging strengths and identifying areas for improvement. We celebrate your child's accomplishments while providing constructive feedback to encourage further growth. Our aim is to create a positive learning environment that supports their overall development, building on strengths and overcoming challenges.


Our report cards serve as a powerful tool to comprehend your child's progress within the IPC/IMYC curriculum. Embrace the report cards as an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with your child, teachers, and our school community. Together, we can support their growth, celebrate achievements, and nurture their potential.

For further questions or detailed discussions regarding your child's report card, please reach out to our teachers or administration. We are here to support you every step of the way.

3: STEAM Fair

Thank you to all visitors that joined our STEAM Fair event. We hope that you enjoyed the students' presentations and projects. Here are a few photos from today's event!

4: Learning Highlight - A year of Cooking

The students of G4-G8 cooking classes recently had their cooking demonstration that left teachers and classmates amazed with their dishes. The students put their skills to the test and planned dishes that showcased the skills they honed during cooking class. The variety of dishes presented was nothing short of impressive. Each student carefully selected a recipe and demonstrated their knowledge of various cooking techniques and understanding of flavor combinations, plating, and presentation. The culminating activity gave them the opportunity to display their cooking skills but also gave them a deeper appreciation for food, culture, and the joy and hard work of preparing meals from scratch.





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