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Message from the Principals 9/1/2023

Good morning, Hope Community!

Today's topics:

1: Important Reminders

2: PLG of the Month - Collaborator

3: Learning Highlight

4: House Points

5: Photos of the week

1: Important Reminders

  • Labor Day - Monday, Sept 4 (NO SCHOOL)

  • All clubs start from Tuesday, Sept 5

  • First Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) will be on Oct 6

  • Autumn Break - Oct 9-13 (NO SCHOOL)

  • Open School - Nov 3rd

  • Sports Day date has changed from Nov 17 to Dec 1st

2: PLG of the Month - Collaborator

The start of September brings a new Personal Learning Goal focus. This month, the Hope community will be exploring the importance of being a strong collaborator. During today’s assemblies, all students at Hope will learn about the actions it takes to be a strong collaborator. This means students will:

  • Contributing to different group work projects, helping the team to achieve their goals.

  • Understanding their role within a group project and how they can use it to support the progress of the group.

  • Offering support to others to help everyone achieve their goals.

  • Spotting opportunities to take on a leadership role within a group, identify the different strengths of the group and use this to achieve the group’s goals.

  • Taking responsibility for their contributions and actions within a group.

We hope to see lots of successful collaboration this month and hope you can all support your children in developing this goal both inside and outside of school.

3: Learning Highlight

For our first unit of the year, Balance, our Big Idea across all subjects is: “Things are more stable when different elements are in their correct or best possible proportions.”

In order to demonstrate a stronger understanding of this Big Idea, for the last two weeks, our Grade 6 learners have been working in groups to research UN Sustainable Development Goal 16 - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions in our History classes.

To be successful in their learning and growth, Grade 6 have had to demonstrate great resilience, collaboration, communication and thinking skills which are half of our personal learning goals!

Their objective was to be able to plan the visuals for their group posters and also be able to explain the different challenges and successes that we face in trying to achieve SDG16 by 2030. This learning activity was certainly a challenging one, especially as our Grade 6 learners are still adapting to the IMYC.

Great job, Grade 6!

4: House Points

Basilisk: 125 ➜ 461

Hydra: 119 ➜ 414

Dragon: 143 ➜ 376

Phoenix: 150 ➜ 237

5: Photos of the week





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