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Message from the Principals 6/7/2024

Good morning, Hope Community! Today we will celebrate some of the amazing things that have happened over the last few weeks!

1 - Important Reminders

2 - International Cultural Day

3 - High School Graduation

Important reminders:

  • June 20 - Last day of school (1/2 Day - dismissal at 13:00)

  • June 21 - Parent Teacher Conference

    • Registration closes June 18! Please see the email sent May 22nd titled "PTC Registration" for details

  • July 1 to July 5 - School Closed

  • July 8 to August 2 - Summer School

  • Aug 9 - 2024-25 Parent Orientation

  • Aug 12 - First day of school

International Cultural Day

On May 24 we all went to the beautiful Yomitan Cultural Center for our biannual International Cultural Day! Students from every grade presented various performances for our parents and school community. It was a wonderful and successful event that highlighted the students' efforts and their embodiment of the PLGs. Performances highlighted different regions of the world and gave us a brief snapshot of the life and culture of the people who live there. We also were able to partner with Ryukyu Kajimaya and have a Hope Eisa team with over 100 students! Through the event, our students were able to get at a deeper understanding of the complex world in which we live. We want to give a big thanks to everyone who came to support our students for International Cultural Day.

High School Graduation

On Saturday, June 1st, Hope held the commencement ceremony for our very first Hope graduates! The ceremony took place at the Ashibina Theatre and included speeches from Mr. Brandon, Ms. Heather (the Clonlara Representative), Ms. Jessa, and the senior representatives: Allison and Leah. G9-G10 students performed the Gumboot Dance for our graduates, and our senior class delighted us with their own rendition of the song, “Here Comes the Sun.”

There was laughter, tears, and a sense of joy throughout the ceremony. Everything culminated in the traditional toss of the graduation caps, and our 6 seniors had officially graduated from our school program.

Every one of our six seniors has a different life plan mapped out from this point. Whether it is off to university, military, family business, or a gap year. We wish our first graduates the very best! We know they will do well no matter where they go.





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