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Message from the Principals 2/23/2024

Good morning, Hope Community! Todays topics:

  1. Important Reminders

  2. Curriculum Focus -Differentiation and Inclusion

  3. House Points

  4. Learning Highlight - Exit Points!

1: Important Reminders!

  • Mar 15 - Hope Family Day

  • Mar 22 - Student-Lead Parent/Teacher Conferences - REGISTRATION OPEN!

  • Mar 22 - Parent Workshop: Hope High School Program/College and Careers Guidance

  • March 25 to April 2 - Spring Break (NO SCHOOL)

  • April 1 - Teachers' Professional Develpment (NO SCHOOL)

  • April 29 - Open School

2: Curriculum Focus -Differentiation and Inclusion

At Hope, we view "rigorous" learning as an opportunity for every child to challenge themselves at a level that is appropriate to their needs. The Differentiation and Inclusion Policy helps to outline the systems and structures that the school has in place to support students in rising to meet the challenges presented. This includes areas such as in-class differentiation, extra support and the importance of the home-school connection to meet the needs of all.

The policy also recognizes the importance of continuing to push learners who may already be operating at a mastering level of a skill, giving them opportunities to further prove their abilities, perhaps beyond age-related expectations by having them consider how they may innovate and further their progress.

To support all learning journeys in the school, after-school provisions are provided through our LEAP, DEAR, and EngageMATH programs. These programs support our student’s efforts in reaching their age-related expectations in Mathematics and English Language Arts.

At Hope, we value student growth at a level appropriate to their needs and this policy helps to guide us in providing the right support for all students. We are always open to feedback from our community on these policies. Please share your thoughts to us at:!

3: House Points:

Dragon: 4706 ➜ 4778

Phoenix: 4521 ➜ 4560

Basilisk:  4054 ➜ 4107

Hydra: 3840 ➜ 3905

4: Learning Highlight - Exit Points!

This week was the end of many of the ongoing units for our IPC and IMYC classes, and these units wrapped up with a celebration of learning called the Exit Point. Exit Points are an opportunity for students to share with the school community what they have learned in their current unit and showcase a range of knowledge, skills and understanding.

The first Exit Point of the week was with Grade 3, with their “Footprints from the Past” unit. The students gave their parents a lecture on what they learned about the different periods of history. After this, the parents competed in a student created Kahoot quiz in their houses. The students made multiple choice or true or false questions and presented the challenge to parents in Japanese and English.

Yesterday, Grades 5, 6, and 7 invited the community to their Exit Points. Grade 5 shared what they had learned about different parts of the body to their visitors for their “Being Human” unit. Students shared models of organs and body systems they had made in Design class and demonstrated exercises that would support those organs and how to keep them healthy. This showed how the learning connected to their scientific biology, Health and Wellbeing, and PE classes.

Grade 6 had the opportunity to share their learning from the unit "Celebration" which explored the Big Idea of “there is value in recognising and observing special events through ritual and with joy and happiness”. Students gave a speech on a special event they found interesting as a demonstration of their refined presentation skills.

Grade 7 shared their learning of their "Communication" unit, with the Big Idea of “when information is shared accurately and clearly, the end result is more effective” through a range of different verbal and non-verbal means. The first part of the Exit Point was a gallery walk event, where students shared photography, newspapers and videos to communicate their learning over the unit. This was then followed by students presenting verbally through speeches. Through whatever presentation method selected, the Grade 7 class explained how their method helps to share information clearly and accurately to their given audience.

Later today, Grade 2 will have their “Travel and Tourism” Exit Point, where the students have been working hard to use green screen technology to create tour videos. The Grade 2 class will share facts about the different countries they have learned throughout the unit through the videos, highlighting facts like currency, food, tourist attractions and culture.

Congratulations to all the students for their success Exit Points!

Have a great weekend everyone!

-Mr. Brandon & Mr. Brian





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