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Message from the Principals 10/27/2023

Good morning, everyone! Today's topics: 1: Important Reminders

2: New Staff at Hope!

3: Learning Highlight

4: Curriculum Focus - PLG Adaptability

5: Community Connection Information

6: House Points

7: Photos of the week

1: Important Reminders

  • Open School - Nov 3rd

    • 10:10-11:45

    • In-Person only

  • Veterans' Day - Nov 10th (NO SCHOOL)

  • Thanksgiving - Nov 23-24 (NO SCHOOL)

  • Teachers' workday - Nov 27 (NO SCHOOL)

  • Sports Day - Dec 1st

    • Please make sure to complete the sports Day form sent to your Hope Emails.

  • MAP Test will take place on Dec 12-13

  • Dec 22 - Last day of 1st Semester.

    • Classes dismiss at 13:00

2: New Staff at Hope!

We are happy to introduce 2 new staff that supports our Bus service, and a new support teacher!

Please join me in welcoming them to our school community!

Ms. Léticia Berkate

Bonjour everyone! My name is Léticia Berkate and I am from France. I studied biology in Paris and graduated with a Master's degree in neuroscience at Sorbonne Universités. After spending some time working in research, I am now focusing on teaching. This past two and a half years I have been traveling and working in places with different culture and language: Tahiti, California, Colombia, Mexico, but it's Okinawa that won my heart. And it has been now a bit more than a year that I have lived on this beautiful island. I wish to transmit my passion for science and discoveries to the students and I am truly happy to be part of the Hope community!

Mr. Kei Kishimoto He is our new Bus Driver! He will drive for our OIST route and support other routes when necessary.

Ms. Miriam Kodama

Ms. Miriam will be supporting the bus routes and our Kindergarten program.

3: Learning Highlight - G7 Cooking Class

Over the past few lessons in Grade 7 health and wellbeing we have been learning about mindfulness including mindful listening, looking, smelling, and tasting. We have been connecting this to our brain and how it can help improve our attention, memory, and present happiness. This week we connected our learning in health and wellbeing to our cooking lesson. Students made cookies but with a twist! Each group had the same recipe but with one different ingredient that they had to keep a secret from the other groups. After making their cookies, students went to each group and tasted them. The students had to identify the different ingredients other groups included in the cookies using their mindfulness skills. They did an amazing job and were able to guess each cookie correctly. At the end of the lesson each group had some cookies left over which they could take home with them. They showed great initiative by asking to exchange their cookies with other groups because they all tasted so good! The different flavors were coconut, vanilla sugar, lemon, chocolate, and cinnamon.

I think this activity really demonstrates the teachers' efforts to create holistic and connected learning experiences.

4: Curriculum Focus - PLG Adaptability

During last week's Elementary and Secondary assemblies, Hope students explored the Personal Learning Goal - adaptability.

The following are some ways that Hope students can demonstrate this goal:

  • When exploring any new learning, students can approach tasks with an open-minded attitude, considering different context.

  • An adaptable student can take on different roles, share a variety of ideas and understand the right strategy to apply to a given situation.

  • Adaptability also considers how students manage their feelings, encouraging them to apply strategies to regulate their feelings appropriately to the situation they are in.

  • An adaptable student can recognize what has influenced their opinions and explore how new information can impact these opinions.

Adaptability in the IPC and IMYC focus on two key areas - flexibility, and metacognition.

A student embodying this goal will be able to have strategies to react to new situations they find themselves in, as well as having a strong awareness of the factors that influence their actions and opinions.

At home, you can discuss this focus by supporting your child in creating strategies for new and unfamiliar situations.

5: Community Connection Information

We have been working hard to develop our relationship with the local community and various organizations. Today, I would like to share a few updates with all of you!

  • The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology has a wonderful research program for ADD and ADHD. They are open to conducting assessments of students and support for families. If you wish to know more, please read this document.

  • We are working with Zeagles - a local snorkeling and diving school for students. We will be offering a 1-day trial for students to join in advance of the Semester 2 club registration. Please stay tuned for the date! You can view their flier here!

  • We are coordinating with the Young Engineers program to start a club at Hope from Semester 2. You can view their flier here!

  • Friends of Hope - Yesterday we sent out an email introducing the new Hope Parent organization. Please view that email for details!

6: House Points

Phoenix: 1971 ➜ 2217

Basilisk: 1695➜ 1948

Dragon: 1607 ➜ 1891

Hydra: 1513 ➜ 1773

7: Photos of the week!





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