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Message from the Principals 10/20/2023

Good morning, Hope Community! Today's topics:

1: Important Reminders

2: Learning Highlight - G1 Entry Point

3: Curriculum Focus - 5 Year Action Plan

4: House Points

5: Photos of the week!

1: Important Reminders

  • Open School - Nov 3rd

  • Veterans' Day - Nov 10th (NO SCHOOL)

  • Thanksgiving - Nov 23-24 (NO SCHOOL)

  • Teachers' workday - Nov 27 (NO SCHOOL)

  • Sports Day - Dec 1st

    • Please make sure to complete the sports Day form sent to your Hope Emails.

2: Learning Highlight - Grade 1 Entry Point

Grade 1 had their Entry Point and Knowledge Harvest for the IPC Unit Theme titled 'It's Shocking.' Mr. Romel, the Grade 1 teacher, introduced his "twin brother", Mr. R, to present some games that require electricity to function. Before the start of the Entry Point, "Mr. R" asked the students to draw their understanding of electricity for their Knowledge Harvest. Afterward, "Mr. R" demonstrated how to use the MakeyMakey. This clever device demonstrates how electricity flows through different types of conductors. We also introduced the steady hand game as an example of a circuit for their Entry Point.

3: Curriculum Focus - 5 Year Action Plan

As mentioned in prior Curriculum Focus articles in the blog, the school is continuously working on its self-review. We do this to ensure that systems and procedures are in place to facilitate the school Mission and Vision, as well as create the best possible learning environment for the students of Hope.

One of the main documents that guides us, both in what we have already done as part of our self-review and to indicate the next steps to take, is the school’s 2021-2025 Action Plan Document. You can view this document in its current form here.

At Hope, all of our documents can be viewed as “living documents” that are updated and modified as we learn more from the reflections of all stakeholders, whether that be the school community, students, teachers, or the school leaders. As you will see from the document, we have already taken many steps to help improve the learning at Hope, with more planned for the future as we continuously learn from our self-review.

There are four key goal areas on the current action plan:

  • the implementation of IPC, IMYC and Clonlara programs

  • the school’s structures, policies, and systems

  • the school’s internal leadership capacity and development

  • the facilities and space in the school

Each of these areas feeds into creating a school that aligns with the Mission and Vision.

We always welcome community involvement and support towards achieving these actions, and the community has already done much to support the school’s development. If you feel there are ways you can provide support to a goal on this document, for example, perhaps having ways to expand our community engagement and outreach, we would be very happy to hear from you!

4: House Points

Phoenix: 1136 ➜ 1971

Basilisk: 1048➜ 1695

Dragon: 964 ➜ 1607

Hydra: 909 ➜ 1513

5: Photos of the week!





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