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Welcome to the 2022-23 School Year! (9/9/2022)

Good morning Hope Community! We are very excited to start our new school year. The students have been very busy this week learning the school routines, expectations, and environment.

This blog post will include the following topics: 1: New Teachers Introduction

2: Special welcome to our new students

3: Sports Days Practices

4: PLG of the month

5: Hope Houses

6: Photos from the first week of school!

New Teachers!

We are happy and excited to welcome 2 new teachers to our school this year! Our Grade 1 Blue Homeroom teacher: Ms. Amanda Rhoades.

Our new PE teacher: Coach Akira Givings

Their bio and photo will be added to our staff page early next week.

Welcome to our new students!

This school year we are happy to welcome 50 new students into our school. There are new students joining us is almost every class, from Grade 1 to Grade 11! We welcome all of you and we welcome back all of our returning students. Let's make this a great school year for everyone!

Sports Day Practices

Our whole school event for the first semester is Sports Day, on December 16th. Starting next week, students will plan, practice, and prepare for the event every Friday afternoon from 1:00-2:40. During this semester, all students should wear the PE uniforms on FRIDAY. More information about the Sports Day will be shared soon!

PLG Of the Month:

At Hope, each month we focus on one of the eight IPC and IMYC Personal Learning Goals. The goal of the month is discussed at the school assemblies and is built upon in class during morning meetings and day to day learning.

To start the new school year, our first Personal Learning Goal focus is being a good Communicator. The communicator goal is built around responsible use of language, both in person and on digital platforms.

A good communicator:

  • Uses the correct language for the correct situation, considering their audience.

  • Uses online/social media platforms positively

  • Thinks before speaking, considering the feelings of others

  • Can identify and seek clarification when unsure what is being communicated to them

  • When communicating, is clear and relevant in expressing ideas

  • Understands that information can be gathered from a range of sources

Hope Houses

At Hope we have a House system in place for all students and teachers. Each student is assigned to a House when they join the school. The students work to earn points for their House throughout the year by demonstrating the Personal Learning Goals, excelling in their studies, volunteering, and more. The Houses encourages friendly competition throughout the school and help to establish a strong relationship and mentorship among the students in every grade. Every week we will update this section of the blog with the House points. Please support your child by talking with them about how they are working to earn House Points. Last year, Hydra won with 5599 total points!

Hydra, Dragon, Basilisk, and Phoenix!

Photos from the first week of school!





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