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Message from the Principals 9/30/2022

Good morning, Hope Community!

Today we will include the following topics:

1: Curriculum Focus: Research Tasks

2: Classroom Highlight

3: School Uniforms resale shop

4: Clubs

5: Photos from the week!

1: Curriculum Focus: Research Tasks

In the last blog, we had an opportunity to explore the next step of the Process to Facilitate Learning after the Entry Point - the Knowledge Harvest. After the Knowledge Harvest, students start to work their way through the tasks that make up the bulk of a unit - the Subject Learning Activities. These activities are a mini cycle within the flow of the unit and contain three types of tasks.

  • Research Activities

  • Recording Activities

  • Reflection Activities

The Subject Learning Activities always begin with a research activity. These activities are designed to make sure that children can access information in ways that are appropriate to them, drawing on a wide range of approaches such as role-play, digital learning, interviews, library research and so on. IPC research activities are experiential and exploratory. Some are collaborative; others are designed to develop individual enquiry and resilience, along with other personal goals. These tasks help the brain to learn knowledge, skills and understanding.

Next week we will continue exploring the Subject Learning Activities through the lens of Recording activities.

2: Classroom Highlight

At Hope, students have the opportunity to conduct research tasks in a variety of ways. For example, Grade 3 recently conducted an active research task for their “Learning Effectively Online” unit. Mr. Brandon was the guest speaker and explained the basics of how the internet works and how the Hope building is connected. The student then explored the school building and gathered information on how the school’s network works.

3: School Uniforms resale shop

I have received queries into the creation of a school resale shop for used uniforms. If you are interested in supporting the creation and organization of this, please contact me directly ( With enough interest we can establish a resale shop to better help our families and continue to actively apply the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).

4: Clubs

This is just a reminder that clubs officially start next week! If you missed the registration, don't worry! We will open registration for the semester 2 clubs in January.

5: Photos of the Week!





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