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Message from the Principals 7/15/2022

Good morning Hope Community!!

1: Important Reminders

2: Hope Cafe event

3: Updates from the last month

4: 2021-22 Yearbook

5: Summer School information


1: Important Reminders

  • The last day of school this month is July 27th.

    • Teachers will be preparing for summer school on 28 & 29

  • Summer School runs from August 1 - 26

  • August 29 - Sept 2nd is teachers work week to prepare for the new school year


    • More information will be sent to all families early August.

  • First day of school Sept 6th!

  • You can view the 2022-23 school year calendar HERE.

2: Hope Cafe event

Hope students will operate a one-day cafe for parents. They will be involved in planning, food preparation, service, and business operations. Students will be cooking different food items on the menu. The money collected will be donated to the こども食堂 Hug Me Project, an organization that shares food with people in need. If you are interested, please sign up to join HERE.

When: June 26th 2022 from 9:30-11:00 am

3: Updates from the last month

The last month has been VERY BUSY.

  • We had our successful "International Cultural Day" event at the Chatan Dome. (You can see photos below). The students presented different cultural dances from countries around the world.

  • Hydra won the House points this year with 5599 total points.

  • Mr. Jay-R was voted the Teacher of the Year 2021-22!

  • Our last day of school was June 23rd.

  • Currently, we are in our Exit month, extending our learning from the school year and going on many field trips!

4: 2021-22 Yearbook

The "School Publications" team (Allison, Sean, Deah, & Ronin - led by Ms. Jessa) created and shared our new yearbook. You can access it in the members area of the homepage. NOTE: It is almost 1gb. You have to download it to your computer to open it.

We are currently researching a solution to print the yearbooks! More information will be shared soon.

5: Summer School information

Summer school will take place from Aug 1 - 26. We have over 125 students joining this year! We want to thank everyone for participating. Details regarding the schedule and classes will be sent to attending parents next week.


We'd like to say a special thank you to our Bus Drivers for their hard work and flexibility throughout this school year! これからもよろしくお願いします!!

Thank you for a wonderful school year! We can't wait for 2022-23!!

-Mr. Brandon & Mr. Brian





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