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Message from the Principals 5/13/2022

Good morning Hope Community! This week will include the following:

1: Important Reminders!

2: Upcoming Events

3: Translator App

4: PLG of the Month!

5: House Points Tally

6: Photos from the week


1: Important Reminders!

There was a small mistake in our School year calendar. Please note the following:

Monday, May 30 - No school for students

Tuesday, May 31 - Regular day of school

2: Upcoming Events

Parent workshops:

May 24th!

  • 3:00-4:00 Assessment and PLG's in the IPC/IMYC

  • 4:00-5:00 MAP Test analysis & 2022-23 School year schedule

OPEN School:

  • May 24 (Tuesday): 8:20-10:00

    • G2 -Math & ELA.

    • G3 - IPC & LifeTech

  • May 24 (Tuesday): 10:00-11:40

    • G4 - IPC & Art

    • H.S. - Art & Clonlara

  • May 24 (Tuesday): 13:00-14:40

    • G1M - ELA & Math

    • G6 - IMYC & Math

  • May 25 (Wed): 8:20-10:00

    • G5 - IPC & LifeTech

    • G7 - IMYC

  • May 25 (Wed): 10:00-11:40

    • G1B - IPC

    • G8 - LifeTech & Math

3: Translating our Messages and the Blog

We would like to share a great tool with you. Google Translate is pretty good, but it often misses some important grammar or meanings. There is a better translator that we recommend. It is a free app called DeepL. Just to show you what it looks like, I have copy / pasted some of this blog into the DeepL translator.

4: PLG of the Month!

For the month of May, Hope will be focusing on the Personal Learning Goal of being “Ethical”. This can be a difficult goal to understand as interpretation can vary from person to person. At Hope, we view an “Ethical” learner through the following qualities:

  • Making the “right choices” in a situation, even if no one is watching.

  • Identifying what is the most “right choice” to make in any situation.

  • Understanding why rules are in place and how they can help society.

  • Understand that different cultures have different rules and where these rules come from based on historical influence.

  • Making selfless decisions, even when this may be challenging

  • Making positive choices, even when this may be difficult.

5: House Points Tally

Phoenix: 4595

Basilisk: 4676

Hydra: 4872

Dragon: 5015

Talk to your children about how they earned house points this week!

6: Photos from the week





Mio Okada
Mio Okada
May 13, 2022

Thanks for sharing your wonderful translation app.

I immediately tried to translate using the app.

Mio Okada
Mio Okada
May 13, 2022
Replying to

Yes! It looks natural 😌

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