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Message from the Principals 4/15/2022

Good morning Hope Community! This post will include the following:

1: Upcoming Parent Workshops

2: Open School Information

3: Student work showcase

4: House Points Tally

5: InterDivision Picture Day

6: Hiking Trip

7: Photos from the week

8: Update from the Preschool


1: Upcoming Parent Workshops

We will hold 2 parent workshops on April 29th!

The first workshop from 3:00-4:00 will be run by our Curriculum Coordinator, Mr. Colin. He will first explain how the IPC and IMYC integrate Personal and International Learning Goals within day to day learning and how Hope uses the House System to support this. He will then outline how assessment is conducted and how this helps children to be involved in identifying their next steps. The aim of this presentation is to provide a better understanding of how we support learner progress and how this informs our Report Card structure.

The second workshop will be from 4:00-5:00 with Co-Principal, Mr. Brandon. He will discuss how we use MAP tests to ensure the school is meeting international standards and how it is used to find strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed. He will also discuss the school year calendar for next year, as we are looking to make some changes over the next 2 years.

2: Open School Information

We had to postpone the April 29th Open school. It will now be May 24th and 25th! Each class has a designated time for viewing, with 2 classes occurring at the same timeslot. Parents can attend any class they wish to see. (Parking is limited)

  • May 24 (Tuesday): 8:20-10:00

    • G2 -Math & ELA.

    • G3 - IPC & LifeTech

  • May 24 (Tuesday): 10:00-11:40

    • G4 - IPC & Art

    • H.S. - Art & Clonlara

  • May 24 (Tuesday): 13:00-14:40

    • G1M - ELA & Math

    • G6 - IMYC & Math

  • May 25 (Wed): 8:20-10:00

    • G5 - IPC & LifeTech

    • G7 - IMYC

  • May 25 (Wed): 10:00-11:40

    • G1B - IPC

    • G8 - LifeTech & Math

3: Student work showcase

For their IPC unit "Being Human", grade 5 studied how the human body functions and the different ways we can support our bodies to perform to their full potential. The students learned about diet and the different nutrients from Ms. Joy, a registered dietitian, and then applied their new knowledge to create a healthy snack buffet for grade 1 for their exit point. The menu included fruit pancakes, smoothies, fruit skewers and sandwiches. One group was inspired by the healthy Okinawan diet and made ninjin shiri-shiri. The students were given a budget so they could learn that a healthy diet does not need to be expensive. They also recorded the popular items to see that a healthy lifestyle is one that you can sustain by making sure you actually enjoy the healthy foods you eat. The buffet was a great success and all items sold out!

4: House Points Tally

Phoenix: 4223

Basilisk: 4378

Hydra: 4551

Dragon: 4722

5: InterDivision Picture Day

Tuesday, April 26

Please be sure your child wears the maroon polo uniform for the day.

6: Hiking Trip

Wednesday, April 20: Secondary (G6-G10) School Hiking Trip!

The secondary will take a trip along part of the Okinawa Historical Road and will summit to see a beautiful view of both sides of the island.

7: Photos from the week

8: Update from the Preschool

Seaside Preschool takes a walk to Baba Park once a week to play on the playground. The weather is finally getting warmer, and the children are excited to get fresh air. They love going on slides and playing with their friends.

As the children walk to the park, they learn many life skills, such as treating our community with respect, following safety guidelines, and taking care of each other to stay safe. They promote their gross motor skills on the playground by moving their bodies.

We love seeing the children's smiles and these moments remind us how rewarding it is to be educators!

Thank you reading our weekly update!





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