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Message from the Principals 3/11/2022

Good morning Hope Community!

This post will discuss the following:

1: March 18th STEAM Fair!!

2: Important Reminders

3: Student work showcase

4: Understanding the PLG learning goals

5: House Points Tally

6: Photos from the week - This week includes photos from our preschool!

1: March 18th STEAM Fair!!

Next week is our STEAM fair! There will be 2 sessions; 9:00-10:00 & 1:30-2:30. Please see the below information for important details.

  • Check this list to see which session your child will be presenting.

  • Parents are encouraged to come and view student presentations.

  • Only 2 adults from a family will be allowed to attend.

  • Parents can only join 1 session.

  • Parents are allowed to record their child's presentation.

  • Parents will be asked to vote for the "3 most persuasive presentations."

  • There will not be a live stream of the event.

  • Some parking at Hope will be available.

  • Please do not loiter at the school after the session.

2: Important Reminders (InterDivision)

  • March 18th - STEAM Fair

  • March 21st - NO SCHOOL - teachers will prepare report cards.

  • March 24th - 1/2 day of school. Students dismissed at 13:00.

  • March 25th - Parent Teacher Conferences (NO SCHOOL) Students are encouraged to attend the PTC with their parents. If you have not signed up please register on the homepage.

  • March 28th to April 1st - Spring Break (NO SCHOOL)

  • April 4th - first day of Term 3!

  • This will be the last blog post of this term due to the STEAM Fair and PTC.

3: Student work showcase

Over the last few weeks the Grade 4 class has been preparing for a class Debate! They learned how a debate is conducted, researched a topic, and held their debate yesterday. They invited Mr. Brandon and Ms. Danica to evaluate their performance and give feedback. All the students did a great job!

4: Understanding the PLG learning goals

Our PLG for this month is Communicator. This goal focuses not just on how students share information, but also on keeping a focus on positive communication. The IPC and IMYC Learning Goals challenge students to show their communication skills in the following ways:

  • Being able to make their meaning clear through both verbal and non-verbal tools. This could be demonstrated through conversation but also through gestures, art work, facial expressions, etc.

  • When using any form of social media or online platform, students understand how to use these positively and communicate in a fair and open manner.

  • Students should always consider the impact on others that their chosen method of communication may have.

  • When communicating with others, students meaning should always be clear.

  • To support skills in being International Learners, students can apply different languages depending on the context.

5: House Points Tally

Phoenix: 3453

Hydra: 3477

Basilisk: 3503

Dragon: 3740

6: Photos from the week

We are very excited to start including our Preschool in our photos and updates!

Thank you all for being part of our Hope community! Please leave a LIKE and/or comment. Tell us what you would like to see in included in the blog!





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