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Message from the Principals 2/18/2022

Good morning Hope Community!

This post will include the following: 1: How you can support your children at Hope

2: Self-Dismissal Form

3: February 23rd Workshops

4: Student work showcase

5: Photos from the week!

6: House Points Tally

1: How you can support your children at Hope

We are getting close to the STEAM Fair and students are deep in research and developing their project. This year the theme is “Climate Change” and students focused their project through one of the SDG’s - Sustainable Development Goals. (SDG's explained in Japanese) (SDG's explained in English)

Please take some time to talk with your children about which SDG they choose and ask how their project aligns with that SDG. Please also feel free to discuss the scientific process they have applied during this project. You can see the age appropriate Scientific Process Learning Goals here.

2: Self-Dismissal Form

For the safety and accountability of every student, we are asking that every family that wishes their child to self-dismiss after school to complete this form. This will give your child permission to leave the school campus without parent supervision after school. Please note, that we will not allow students to leave that have not completed this form starting Tuesday, February 22nd. If you do not wish your child to self-dismiss after school you do not need to complete the form.

3: February 23rd Workshops

On Wednesday, February 23rd we will hold 2 parent workshops:

1: High School Orientation / Q&A with Ms. Jessa (3:00-3:50)

2: Screen-Time with Mr. Mariano (4:00-4:50)

Parents are allowed to join these workshops in person. Please make sure to respond to the Google Calendar Invite for the workshops that were sent to your Hope Family Google Accounts if you wish to join. This will help us better prepare the area and ensure covid guidelines are followed.

Both workshops will also be recorded and the videos will be uploaded to the Parent Portal later in the week.

4: Student work showcase

We want to begin showcasing some of the amazing work the students do in the school. This week we are starting off by sharing a video made by one of our students, Deah (grade 7). In it, she explains how our bodies combat disease and covid. Enjoy!

5: Photos from the week!

6: House Points Tally

Phoenix: 2948

Hydra: 3102

Basilisk: 3110 (Basilisk moved ahead of Hydra this week!)

Dragon: 3268

Reminder: Monday is a Presidents' Day - NO SCHOOL.

Thank you and have a great 3 day weekend!





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