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Message from the Principals 11/11/2022

Hello Hope Community! Topics for today: 1: Important Reminders

2: Highlight of the week

3: Curriculum Focus - Overarching Reflection (IMYC)

4: Engage Math

5: Parent Workshop Videos

6: Photos of the Week!

1: Important Reminders

November 21-22: MAP Testing

  • Regular school days

  • Testing takes place in the morning.

November 23: Parent Teacher Conferences

  • If you have not yet signed up, please do so by clicking here.

  • No classes for students, but students can accompany parents to the conference.

  • Parent teacher conferences can be held in person or by Zoom.

  • Translation may not be available for all families. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

  • Deadline for sign-ups is November 20. Please Note: No sign ups will be accepted after this date.

November 24-25: Thanksgiving Holiday

  • No School for Students

November 28: Teacher Work Day

  • No School for Students

  • Teachers will be preparing school report cards

December 16: School Sports Day

  • More information to come shortly

2: Highlight of the week

Our School Publications club has now restarted the “Hope to the World News” videos. With a larger number of student publication members, the club is now working on the school yearbook, news videos, magazine publications, and more!

Please follow our school’s Youtube Channel and Facebook page to see more of Hope’s School Publications work.

3: Curriculum Focus - Overarching Reflection (IMYC Only)

During the last Curriculum Focus in the Blog, we shared further information on the final part of the Subject Task cycle - reflection. Reflection as part of the Research, Record, Reflect cycle focuses on the learner making connections, performing self-assessment and setting goals for their future learning at an individual subject level.

In the IMYC, the students are not only asked to reflect on learning at a subject task level, they are also asked to connect and reflect all of their subject learning together and make links to the Big Idea statement they have been exploring. This is called “Overarching Reflection” in the IMYC Process to Facilitate Learning.

It has been identified that to help support the adolescent brain, students should be provided with opportunities to interlink their learning and make personal meaning. Overarching reflection gives time for the students to consider how their subject tasks may connect together and how these tasks may relate to real life or personal life. Through this time of making links and identifying personal meaning, students at Hope will generate ideas for their Exit Point projects, which will contain different elements of this important part of the process.

4: Engage Math

This week, Hope has started our EngageMath program at school. Under the direction of Mr. Jay-R, student volunteers from upper grades assist students from the lower grades through individual tutoring sessions. This program takes place after school and is designed to help students overcome challenging math concepts. We would like to give a big thanks to Mr. Jay-R for heading the program and for our student volunteers who take their time to teach fellow students!!

5: Parent workshop Videos

Last week we had our school workshop highlighting the core curriculum in our school: the International Primary Years Curriculum (IPC) and the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC). The workshop was presented in English by Mr. Colin and in Japanese by Mr. Yoshi. For those of you who were not able to attend, please click on the links below to see the recorded workshop.

6: Photos of the Week!





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