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Message from the Principals 10/7/2022


Good morning, Hope Community!

Let's talk about the following:

1: Curriculum Focus: Recording Tasks

2: PLG of the month - Collaborator

3: Open School Schedule

4: Photos of the week

1: Curriculum Focus: Recording Tasks

Last week in the Curriculum Focus around the Process to Facilitate Learning, we explored the mini-cycle of Research, Record, Reflect that takes place multiple times over every IPC and IMYC unit, with a focus on how the students at Hope approach the research elements of a task.

This week we’re exploring the second stage in this mini-cycle: Recording tasks. Once the students have conducted their research of a particular topic, they need to find a way to digest and share the research. During the recording activities, students think about, process and interpret the learning they have researched. Teachers promote choice and challenge when supporting learners with Recording tasks as well as providing opportunities for learners to further develop their strengths and interests.

Recording tasks can be expressed through a range of different mediums - written reports, posters, presentations, videos, news reports, cartoons, artwork, projects and more. The Recording tasks allow the students to process all of their research and develop new skills in sharing information.

2: PLG of the month - Collaborator

The start of October brings a new Personal Learning Goal focus and this month, the Hope community will be exploring the importance of being a strong collaborator. There are lots of ways to support yourself and others as a collaborator, such as:

  • Contributing to different group work projects, helping the team to achieve their goals.

  • Understanding your role within a group project and how you can use it to support progress.

  • Offering support to others to help everyone achieve their goals.

  • Spotting opportunities to take on a leadership role within a group, identify the different strengths of the group and use this to achieve the group’s goals.

  • Taking responsibility for your contributions and actions within a group.

We hope to see lots of successful collaboration this month!

3: Open School Schedule

Please see below for the assigned class day: All Open school time is from 8:30-11:30. Limited parking will be available. This is an IN-PERSON event.

  • Tuesday (Nov 1) - Grades 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11

  • Wednesday (Nov 2) - G1M, G1B

  • Thursday (Nov 3) - G2M, G2B

  • Friday (Nov 4) - Grades 6, 7, 8

Please note the following:

  • The doors will be open from 8:30-9:00 for parents to arrive. If you come late, please ring the front doorbell to be allowed in. When you ring the bell, please state your name and the grade(s) you will visit.

  • Visitor passes will be provided to each group. Please return them before you leave.

  • Parents may leave the school any time until 11:30, please make sure the doors close securely behind you on the first floor.

  • There will NOT be any online / virtual attendance offered for this Open School week.

  • Please be prepared to stand in the classrooms to view as there will not be enough seating for everyone.

  • Each class will be sent a Google Calendar invite for your convenience.

4: Photos of the week





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