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Message from the Principals 5/19/2023

Hello! Today we will cover the following topics:

1: Important Reminders

2: Curriculum Focus: MAP Test

3: Learning Highlight

4: House Points

5: Photos of the week

1: Important Reminders MAP Testing will be on May 25-26.

2: Curriculum Focus: MAP Test

At Hope, we utilize the NWEA Map test as a tool to promote student growth and academic achievement. The NWEA Map test is an adaptive assessment that provides valuable insights into each student's abilities and progress. This also provides external validation of our learning.

Each term we provide the MAP Test Family Report alongside the report cards. The MAP Test Family Report is a user-friendly document that provides parents with an overview of their child's performance on the MAP test. It is designed to help parents understand their child's progress, strengths, and areas for growth. We will discuss the information found within the family report and how you can use it at home to engage with your child's learning.

  1. Overall Performance: The report provides an overview of your child's performance across subject areas, highlighting their overall achievement level.

  2. RIT Scores: The report includes RIT scores, which are unique scores generated by the MAP test. These scores measure a student's academic growth and achievement level on a consistent scale across grade levels.

  3. Grade-Level Equivalent (GLE): The report may include a Grade-Level Equivalent, which indicates the average performance of students at a particular grade level who took the same test.

  4. Growth and Projection: The Family Report may display your child's growth over time, showing how their performance has changed from previous MAP test administrations. It may also include a projection of their future growth based on their current performance.

Here are some ways families can make the most of the Family Report:

  1. Review the Report Together: Sit down with your child and review the Family Report together. Take the time to explain the information presented and discuss their performance in a supportive and encouraging manner.

  2. Celebrate Achievements: Acknowledge and celebrate your child's accomplishments and growth shown in the Family Report. Highlight areas where they have excelled and commend their efforts.

  3. Identify Areas for Focus: Identify areas where your child may need additional support or improvement based on the Family Report.

  4. Set Realistic Goals: Collaborate with your child to set realistic goals based on the insights from the Family Report. Help them understand the importance of setting achievable targets to foster a sense of accomplishment and motivation.

  5. Communicate with Teachers: Teachers can provide additional guidance, suggest specific activities, or recommend strategies tailored to your child's needs.

  6. Encourage Reading: Encourage regular reading habits and discuss books or articles with them to enhance comprehension and vocabulary skills.

  7. Celebrate Effort and Resilience: Emphasize the importance of effort and resilience in the learning process. Encourage your child to embrace and develop a growth mindset.

The MAP Test Family Report serves as a valuable tool for parents to gain insights into their child's academic progress, set goals, and support their ongoing learning. It promotes parent-teacher communication and collaboration to ensure the best possible educational experience for each student.

3: Learning Highlight

The grade 3 class had an opportunity to interview Mikey, a business owner who started a food truck business. He answered over 20 questions from all of the students and was the friendliest food truck owner we have ever met! Students found out the initial cost of starting a food truck business, the legal things Mikey had to do to get his food truck business running, and so much more! We also found out his remaining food is donated to other educational establishments, such as special needs schools and preschools, to reduce food waste and also support local schools that need more food to provide for their students. Thank you, Mikey, for sharing your interesting story and experience with us!

4: House Points

Hydra: 5495 ➜ 5679

Basilisk: 5598 ➜ 5780

Dragon: 6571 ➜ 6771

Phoenix: 6737 ➜ 6986

5: Photos of the week

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