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Message from the Principals 5/17/2024

Good morning, Hope Community!

Today's topics: Important Reminders

Curriculum Focus - End of Year Awards

Learning Highlight - HS Health & Wellbeing Project

Important Reminders

  • 2024-25 ReEnrollment Form (Due June 1st)

  • Summer school registration is OPEN (deadline June 2!!)

  • May 23 - International Cultural Day practice

  • See email sent on Apr 26 titled "May 24 EVENT Information" for details

  • May 24 - Celebration of Learning / International Cultural Day

  • May 27 - Memorial Day (NO SCHOOL)

  • May 28 - Teacher's workday to prepare report cards (NO SCHOOL)

  • June 20 - Last day of school (1/2 Day - dismissal at 13:00)

  • June 21 - Parent Teacher Conference

    • Registration will open next week!

Curriculum Focus - End of Year Awards

Each year at Hope we take some time at the end of the year to celebrate our students' growth and achievements. One to two students are selected from each MilePost that excelled in some way. This could include strong demonstrations of the PLGs, excellent academic growth, positive mindset, etc. Teachers are now submitting their recommendations and will deliberate on who will receive the awards in June. We look forward to sharing the awardees at the end of this school year. You can view last year's awardee's here!

Learning Highlight - HS Health & Wellbeing Project

This semester, our High School Health and Wellbeing students were set with a task to develop their independent researching skills whilst demonstrating their creative personalities. Students were given the freedom to choose their own topic based on their personal interests and prior knowledge. This autonomy allowed them to engage with subjects they were passionate about and encouraged a more motivating learning experience.

Throughout the semester, students conducted independent research to develop their knowledge and understanding of their chosen topic. This encouraged critical thinking, time management, and developed their researching skills.

For their final assessment, we had a gallery walk. Students had the opportunity to decide how they wanted to present their work. The gallery walk showcased a variety of creative pieces including posters, paintings, comic stories, and interactive cookbooks. All middle school classes and teachers attended the gallery walk acting as the audience for the high school students to present their work to.

This event not only displayed their hard work and learning journey, but it also was an opportunity for them to practice their public speaking and presentation skills. Every student spoke confidently and passionately about their chosen topic, the research they conducted, and the process behind their final piece. We are very proud of the creativity, effort, and dedication the students demonstrated this semester.

You can view some of their projects here:

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