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Message from the Principals 5/13/2022

Good morning Hope Community! This week will include the following:

  1. Important Reminders

  2. Upcoming Events

  3. Student Showcase

  4. House Points Tally

1. Important Reminders:

Two forms were sent out this week. If you have not yet done so, please be sure to fill out both forms!

2. Upcoming Events

  • May 24: Parent Workshops

    • 3:00-4:00 Assessment and PLG's in the IPC/IMYC with Mr. Colin

    • 4:00-5:00 MAP Test analysis & 2022-23 School year schedule with Mr. Brandon

  • May 24-25: Open School (Click here for further details from last week’s post)

  • June 17: International Cultural Day

  • June 20-22: MAP testing Session 3

3. Student Showcase: Grade 2 Exit Point

This week, Grade 2 completed their exit point for the unit: Ancient Tombs and Treasures. This unit focused on aspects of Ancient Egyptian Culture and History. For their exit point, grade 2 gave a presentation on the mummification process used by Egyptians from the past.

G2 students were very excited and engaged throughout the exit point and went surprisingly deep into the culture and history of Ancient Egypt.

One focus point in the unit is exploring the tombs of the pharaohs. We talked about mummies and the Egyptians belief in the afterlife. For our exit point we created an Egyptian tomb and mummy to show to other classes.

Throughout building our tomb every student was working hard. Students decorated the classroom walls, created a coffin, and changed a skeleton into a mummy. Some students told other classes about the journey to the afterlife, and other students talked about what they created for the exit point.

One of Grade 2’s takeaways was that life in the past was very different. They learned about how children had fun without technology.

4. House Points Tally

Phoenix: 4776

Basilisk: 4838

Hydra: 5034

Dragon: 5160

The Gap is getting closer!





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