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Message from the Principals 5/10/2024

Good morning, Hope Community!

1 - Important Reminders

2 - Curriculum Focus - Assessments

3 - Learning Highlight - G1 Design

4 - House Points

5 - Photos of the week!

1 - Important Reminders

  • 2024-25 ReEnrollment Form

  • Summer school registration is OPEN (deadline June 2!!)

  • May 23 - International Cultural Day practice

    • See email sent on Apr 26 titled "May 24 EVENT Information" for details

  • May 24 - Celebration of Learning / International Cultural Day

  • May 27 - Memorial Day (NO SCHOOL)

  • May 28 - Teacher's workday to prepare report cards (NO SCHOOL)

  • June 20 - Last day of school (1/2 Day - dismissal at 13:00)

  • STUDENT ID's - we can provide a student ID upon request. (please send an email to: to request)

2 - Curriculum Focus - Assessments

In last week’s Curriculum Focus, we completed our discussion on the “Progressive Pedagogies”. Before that we explored the school’s Teaching and Learning Policy, which helps to guide all teachers at Hope in creating strong learning experiences for all of our students.

As well as using the Teaching and Learning Policy to inform day to day planning, Hope also has in place an Assessment Policy that ensures that the expectations of student growth and progress remain consistent throughout any learner’s time at Hope. Assessment is an important tool in informing a teacher’s planning, informing how to provide appropriate challenge and choice for each student and this is recognized through the policy.

The Assessment Policy is built around our school’s Definition of Learning, as well as the school’s Mission and Vision, which informs all approaches taken in the school. It details how Hope defines Knowledge, Skills and Understanding, the roles of formative and summative assessment and external assessment tools used for validation of teacher judgment. The policy also outlines the importance of the “Knowledge Harvest” as a pre-assessment before the start of a new unit, which has been explored in the blog earlier this year.

For members of the community who are seeking further context to the report cards that will be sent out in June, you can view the Hope Assessment Policy here.

3 - Learning Highlight - G1 Design

Students in the Grade 1 class have started their journey into the wonderful world of woodworking. They started by learning the safety measures they should always observe and understanding why they are important in design class. They then learned the basics of using tools often applied in woodworking, such as hammers and sandpaper. Their challenge was to design and make their wooden hedgehog as a project. Woodworking offers a holistic learning experience that engages children both intellectually and physically, fostering essential skills and values that will benefit them throughout their lives.

4 - House Points

Dragon: 5668 ➜ 5725

Phoenix: 5654 ➜ 5677

Basilisk:  5121 ➜ 5166

Hydra: 5010 ➜ 5078

5 - Photos of the week!

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