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Message from the Principals 4/28/2023

Good morning Hope Community! Today we will discuss: 1: Important Reminders

2: Curriculum Focus: Brain-Based

3: Learning Highlight

4: Photos of the week!

1: Important Reminders

  • Golden Week: May 1-5 (NO SCHOOL)

  • Open School - May 16th

    • The school will be open to all visitors from 8:20-10:00.

    • Non-Hope visitors must complete this form.

2: Curriculum Focus: Brain-Based

Over the last two weeks, we have been sharing information on the blog about the types of pedagogies that inform the IPC and the IMYC. The four areas referred to as the “Progressive Pedagogies” are:

In the last two blogs, we had the opportunity to dig deeper into the meaning and context of “metacognition” and “constructivism” in the Hope context.

This week, the Curriculum Focus will explore the thinking behind being a “brain-based” learner. Although all of these areas of pedagogy are informed by brain research, when we talk about being “brain-based” in the context of a Hope student, we view it in terms of the retention of knowledge, and how we can support the students in moving their learning from their working memory to their long-term memory.

One way that teachers at Hope support their students in the “brain-based” element is through strategies to embed and retrieve information. This can be done through different forms of memory aid strategies, whether this be breaking down and chunking information, the use of mnemonics to support retention, flash cards to quickly learn and recall information, as well as tools such as a continued return to the “Knowledge Harvest” to bring back key information front and center. The use of this particular series of tools was on display at Hope this week during the “English Week” contests, such as the “Spelling Bee”.

As well as strategies to embed knowledge into long term memory, through the continued use of the structure of the unit (The Process to Facilitate Learning), students at Hope continue to repeat the same cycle of learning through different themes. Through the consistent use of the cycle, Hope students become more familiar and comfortable with the school’s learning process, which helps to make the progress and direction of learning clear to them. Through this developed comfort with The Process to Facilitate Learning, students know exactly what will come next in their unit, and eventually they will be aware of the process without conscious cognition.

3: Learning Highlight

We are very proud to announce that 3 of our students have reached the finals in a global programming competition. Mei and Riona from grade 8 and Shizuku from Grade 9 will travel to Tokyo for the next stage of the competition. The finals will take place on Saturday, (4/29) and will be live streamed on YouTube. You can view more information here. Congratulations and good luck to Mei, Riona, and Shizuku!!

Their Pitch Video:

Technical video (Explaining the app):

4: Photos of the day





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