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Message from the Principals 12/10/2021

Good morning Hope Community!

This update will discuss the following: 1: Photos from the week!

2: Guest Speaker in G8 Class

3: Parent Open School & Class Observation

4: Reminders and House Points Tally

1: Photos from this week

If you have trouble getting your child to talk about school, consider using these photos to discuss the various aspects of school. Here you will see photos from each class, after school activities & clubs, and more.

2: Guest Speaker in G8 Class

Mr. Aaron Deganos is a professor at Bulacan State University in the Philippines. He provided a meaningful discussion with grade 08 students about the fundamentals of research. Students gained valuable knowledge for their subjects in IMYC.

You can view the video Mr. Jay-R made here:

3: Parent Open School & Class Observation

Starting this week we have invited parents from each class to visit the new campus and watch their children in class! We send a special thank you to all parents that have visited! We hope you enjoyed it.

4: Reminders and House Points Tally

12/10: Term 2 club sign ups ARE OPEN! Sign up here:

12/16: Report Cards Sent to Parents via email (Digital PDF) - Normal Day for students

12/17: Sports Day: Please click here for more information. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

12/20: Last day of Term 1: Half-Day: Dismissal between 13:00 and 14:00 Lunch will be eaten at school as usual.

12/21: Parent Teacher Conferences: In-Person Conferences tentatively planned. Virtual Conferences will also be an option. Sign-up here:

(More information here)

12/22 to 01/03: Winter Holiday - No School for students

01/04: First Day of Term 2 (Registration for term 2 clubs will close)

The House Point Tally:

Hydra: 1496

Dragon: 1497

Basilisk: 1548

Phoenix: 1760

Thank you for reading this week's update.

-Mr. Brandon & Mr. Brian

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