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Message from the Principals 11/5/2021

Good morning Hope Community!

The three topics of the day: 1: Photos and Video Updates

2: Guest Speaker

3: Hope Family Google Accounts

1: Photos!!!!

Hope International Academy was awarded the "Climate Action Project School of Excellence"!! Please read about it HERE and view the Video created by our G10 students below. You can also watch the COP26 LiveStream which highlights the schools and actions taken. (Our school is discussed from the 1:58:30 mark) Congratulations Students!!!

For those of you who didn't have a chance to tune in live, here is our Virtual Open School and Campus Tour from November 3rd:

Please enjoy our Grade 8 Exit Point video for the unit "Community":

2: Our Guest Speaker: - Mr. Florian Lalande (seen in the Virtual Open School video above)

Florian Lalande is a PhD student at OIST with an expertise in detecting exoplanets. Before coming to Okinawa he worked as a research and development engineer for the European Space Agency and is part of the OIST astronomy club. He taught us about the planets in our solar system and the technologies that are being used to discover far away planets. He helped grade 5 consolidate their understanding of the gravitational pull of stars and expanded on grade 4's understanding of the nature of planets. The students particularly liked learning that the light we see from stars is actually light that the star projected thousands of years ago. They also liked asking Mr. Florian about the possibility of living on Mars. You can view photos and videos from the event here.

3: We are excited to begin the roll-out of our Hope Family Google Accounts.

Please read the information below to learn more about the accounts and how your new Hope Family Google Account will be used.

  • Every family will receive 1 account that is to be shared by the parents / guardians.

  • This account will be used as the ONLY communication tool for the school

    • The classes will continue to use SeeSaw and Google classroom for their digital portfolio and assignments.

  • We will be sending an email with the login information and initial sign-up tutorial to everyone by Nov 12th.

  • November 15-18 (3:00-5:00pm), Mr. Brandon will be stationed in the pick-up area to assist parents with technical difficulties.

    • Please make sure to bring your device!

  • November will be a transition period. During this time we will continue to share information to the new email accounts and SeeSaw / Private emails.

  • Official use will begin December 1st for all official school communication.

Friendly Reminder: The school will be closed on Nov 11th for Veteran's Day and Nov 25-26 for Thanksgiving.

The House Point Tally:

Hydra: 878

Basilisk: 1089

Dragon: 1117 (Move up to 2nd Place this week! Congratulations Dragons!)

Phoenix: 1360

Thank you for reading this week's update.

Don't have a good day, have a GREAT day!

-Mr. Brandon





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