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Message from the Principals 11/19/2021

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Today this post will include: 1: Photos of the week

2: "EngageMath"

3: Parent Workshop

1: Photos of the week!!

-The Ninkagai will have their Sports Festival today, a video will be shared next week.

-The InterDivision will hold their Sports Fest on Dec 17th at the Chatan Dome. Parents are encouraged to attend!

2: EngageMath

Mr. Jay-R has continued the wonderful "EngageMath" mentor program from last school year. Our upper grade students that excel in Singapore Math volunteer to provide one-on-one time to assist the lower grade students math skills and understanding. Once a week they gather to support the students learning. We are very thankful for Mr. Jay-R and the volunteer students!!

3: Parent Workshop:

The workshop will be held on Facebook Live. Our Curriculum Coordinator, Mr. Colin will lead the workshop and Mr. Yoshi will translate. We encourage parents to write questions in the chat for the leaders to answer. Please join us on the 23rd:

The House Point Tally:

Hydra: 1194

Dragon: 1251

Basilisk: 1259

Phoenix: 1519

This year's Sports Festival teams are based on the 4 houses. Encourage your children to try their best during the practice and event!!

Thank you for reading this week's update.

-Mr. Brandon & Mr. Brian





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