Hope SeaSide Preschool

Hope International Academy’s "Reception" & "Kindergarten" provides children with the opportunity to play and learn in a natural English environment.  It offers the perfect transition into our English-only Elementary school. 

Our "Reception Class" applies the play-based learning of the IEYC in English. 
The "Kindergarten Class" implements the International Primary Curriculum ensuring the students are engaged in active, project based learning.


Reception Class - 4 years old

Kindergarten Class - 4 years old

Class size up to 30 students!

 Monthly Tuition - 55,000yen

Material fee (once a year) - 30,000yen

Optional Lunch - 5,500yen

As a "Ninkagai" preschool, eligible families can receive financial support up to 37,000yen per month from the government.