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Curriculum Overview



We provide age and developmentally-appropriate learning environments where children can learn through hands-on experience.

There are Discovery (3 years old), Reception (4 years old), and Kindergarten (5 years old) classrooms at Hope International Academy Seaside Preschool.

This preschool is affiliated with the Inter-Division, and English is their primary language. 

Primary & Middle Years

At Hope, our Elementary students are guided by the International Primary Curriculum, while our Middle School students follow the International Middle Years Curriculum. The IPC and IMYC are holistic curriculum experiences that stress the importance of students developing not just their academic learning but also their personal dispositions, as well as their understanding of the world around them. 


All subjects at Hope are supported in guidance by the IPC and IMYC Learning Goals, which benchmark the expectation of student progress at age related expectations. These goals help to guide a range of subjects including History, Geography, Health and Wellbeing, International and Design & Technology. Hope students are also provided space to reflect on their personal development, through the Personal Learning Goals. With the International Goals, Hope students gain further insight into the world around them, and are encouraged to take action with local and global problems. 


Students at Hope will follow either an IPC Theme (such as “Chocolate”) or IMYC Big Idea statement (such as the Big Idea of Resilience, “Success over time requires persistence”). They explore these statements through the IPC and IMYC “Process to Facilitate Learning”, as illustrated below. 


The IPC and IMYC programmes are taught throughout the world, in many countries and a range of International and local schools and we are delighted to offer this educational programme to our school community. 


High School - Clonlara

Our High School program is a concentrated program that allows the students to choose their interest as their core research.  

As Hope Students, they are an integral part of our school and participate in our various school electives, clubs, and other school events.  

To ensure their educational future and achieve a U.S. based diploma, our students join the Off-Campus Clonlara program which allows them to earn credits while pursuing their passion!

Click here to see a list of Universities that Clonlara Alumni have attended.

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